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Wee Jasper Rd & Turpentine Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Ki`Ki, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if these roads are fully sealed or still have sections of dirt roads ?!?!

    Thanx :grin:

  2. Nop no idea.... Goin for a Ride?
  3. Wee Jasper is mostly unsealed (about 60odd km between Canberra and Tumut, sections alternating) and quite heavily frequented by 4WDs.

    Turpentine Rd? If that's the Tharwa-Adaminiby stretch, it's mostly unsealed (about 45km or so).
    If not, where is it?
  4. Did Tumut to Yass via Wee Jasper over xmas...

    It is all sealed from Wee Jasper to Yass apart from 2km of pretty good gravel.

    There is about 30km of gravel/dirt between Tumut and Wee Jasper... we didn't go the direct route, there is a sealed road through the state park which cuts out a bit of dirt. The dirt is really good in Gundagai/Tumut shires... pretty awful once you hit Yass Shire... though I am by no means experienced in riding on dirt, this being my first time.
  5. Between Braidwood and Nowra. Last I heard of anyone riding it, it was pretty horrid, but that was a couple of years ago and there have been whispers about it being due to be sealed.
  6. Good to hear.
    We took "the long way around".
    Which side is the State Park-sealed bit? Tumut or Canberra side?
    Or around Wee Jasper itself?
  7. Turp road is where Main Rd 92 will be (a hwy between Cnbr and Nowra) Its about 90% tar, but its crap. And all it does is meet up with braidwood Rd, and its pretty much all dirt.

    IK - the whispers you hear are about MR92. It 'would' be finished by now if the state govt hadnt pulled its funding, and the Greenies hadnt found a mysterious yellow-spotted, purple-bellied, blue-nosed Frog. That no body has 'actually' seen....
  8. ahhh thanks for that... been wondering about it for ages now and heading down to kings again and was looking for another route to take...


    As for Wee Jasper.. is it worth doing this road even with the dirt 30km strip ?!?!
  9. Sorry for asking...
    Is that Bungendore/ Tarago/ Sandy Point/ Nerriga/Nowra?
    Maps show about 55km dirt between Nerriga (abouts where the Braidwood Rd comes in) and Nowra (plua a few shorter dirtbits between Tarago and Nerriga).
  10. Sorry - yes you are correct. But Turps Rd does join up with it some place...
    They plan to up grade Turps Rd as well, so people heading south of Nowra (ie Ulludulla) dont have to come all the way to Nowra.

    Seeing as i just moved from Nowra to Canberra, and all my friends are still back in Nowra, i kinda have a vested interest in this... :D