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Wednesdays Weighty Wisdoms #5, Irony.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, May 23, 2007.

  1. For this fortnight's weighty wisdom, the topic is the often misunderstood "Irony".

    1. The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.
    2. An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning.

    Often reflection on one's life and one's events provide an ironic insight... sometimes it's like an additional smack around the ears... can irony really teach us anything or is is just the universe poking fun at us??

    Since NR's are a passionate lot in the heart department, I thought I'd post up this little poignant pearler to get the thought processes rolling.

    Now don't go and slash your wrists... if that's too hard to contemplate... here are some others:

    And for fun :) :

    Is irony a teacher or a punisher?

  2. I see irony as a form of amusement at times, others a learning experience, or it can be used to rub it in - punish. I even see the irony is your above question ;)
  3. Isn't it ironic, like rain on your wedding day. That's not irony Alanais that's just annoying. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. I was pretty careful to try and keep within the meaning of irony when posing this thread... otherwise some wise arse would make a "isn't it ironic that Rob posed a thread about Irony when he doesn't even know what it is!"

    I'm guessing this wont be a firestarter of a thread.

    Irony is something that you note in the moment and like oral medicine, swallow and let pass.

    I know there have been times when the "sliding doors" kind of ironic lessons have caused me to shake a fist at fate and whatever guiding divine energy is at play, but I can't remember the lessons right now.

    But I can talk a bit about the first quote - the one that tripped my eye:

    "The greatest ironies of life :-
    Having the right person at the wrong time
    Loving the wrong person when the time is right, and
    Finding out you love someone only after you've let the person walk out of your life" - Author Unknown

    Taking the first bit... is bad timing really ironic?? I get a sense of what the author means, but is it really ironic?? The only way it'd make sense is if you just committed to someone, and then the person you identify as "the one" comes by??? Is that irony, or just plain sucky timing?
  5. unless the bride or groom are employed by the Bureau of Meteorology (and was banking on sunshine)!

    that's irony. :LOL:
  6. It is interesting that both definitions you have are about someone making an ironic statement.
    Irony can also be self evident in cause and effect (Some would call it karma)
    Now as for is pointing out the irony of someone’s actions as described in your definitions, I always think of that more as sarcasm... It can be taken well and it can be taken poorly, know your audience or you may be loosing friends
  7. Irony is enlitening.

    Ahhhhh irony :grin:
  8. I think if you make a post about irony you're leaving yourself wide open to it. I'm sure irony is also an outcome which wasn't expected.
  9. Well in that case supplied, I'll look to the ironic lesson as a learning and not punishment! lol

    Falcon, those statements could be made by the person themselves, realising the situation that their in. It would be ironic that a friend, with a view to further the friendship, points out an ironic issue that the person in question takes umbrage too and shuts down the friendship... (this is starting to do my head in... nested ironic loops... )
  10. So which came first the Irony or the statment?
  11. Haha cool :) Following up on your OP.

    That happens to me all the time. I think irony can teach us upon reflection, but at the same time there will always ironies in life, cause you can't plan for everything. Even if you went around expecting the unexpected, it would be then ironic when the expected did happen. Irony can be a humbling, or even a life changing experience depending on how far you wish to go. Or something you can get great amusement out of. It beats regret any day :) As for the universe poking fun at us, it sure feel like it at times. But the universe is a hell of a lot bigger then me, so i tend not to argue with it :LOL:

    I was going to leave this one out, but it's only a quick one. If loving someone and being loved by someone is your greatest goal in life, then yes they would be the greatest ironies. If wealth, power etc were your goals, then it would be something different.

    I thought I had experienced all three, but upon reflection (recently aswell) I realised I hadn't and I came to see the irony in my relationships.

    I somewhat agree to that one. The somewhat would take forever to explain :)

    I cherish irony, even more so when i don't see it straight away. I can't speak for others though.

    I don't agree personally with this one. Irony can be many things, and insult is just one of them. The same can be said about some sentences.

    And i don't agree with this one. Irony can bring me insight and tolerance, just like some humour could bring a deeper and less friendly understanding. Bill Hicks comes to mind.

    And for fun :)

    And for fun - But my father did!
  12. Irony is the use of words to hide their true literal intention – ie: when you say one thing but mean another. The key to Irony is in the tone but which it is spoken (usually with the intent to scorn, ridicule or make a joke of).

    I am not sure that any form of occurances during ones life can be labelled as ironic if this is the case???
  13. personally, i don't think it can be the right person if it's the wrong time, or the wrong person at the right time. the 'rightness' comes as a function of it being the right person at the right time. anything else is wrong. if as you say as a possible explanation rob, 'the one' comes by just as you've committed to someone else then you were committing to the wrong person in the first place. no irony there, just misjudgement or wrong motives.

    as for "find out you love someone only after you've let the person walk out of your life" as far as i'm concerned, means it was the wrong time or the wrong person or both. or maybe that's not 'love' that you're talking about but regret.

    personally, what i find ironic is that you can't have what you most want til you stop wanting it :evil:
  14. dug it up from the grave, did ya?
  15. Yeah, thought I'd go for a double whammy by resurrecting an old thread and referring to another one...

    Why, you gotta problem with that? :p
  16. i think i'm just going to have to mud wrestle with you
  17. where do we buy tickets?
  18. Is it ironic to call for a mud wrestle when there's a drought? :-k