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Wednesdays Weighty Wisdoms #2, Knowledge

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Would love to stay on the relationship angle, but thought I'd go with a very topical forum life topic.

    Knowledge... and the debating of it!

    It might not generate huge discussion... but the quote below is definitely worth thinking about... even in your own life when someone comes at you with a different view...

    So here it is:

    It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

    :-k Let the streams of consciousness spring forth...
  2. Rob,

    The first step to wisdom is admitting we know nothing. :WStupid:

    So yep agree with your post 100%, you know the type of people when they are right they are right, when they are wrong they are even more right :LOL:
  3. Yep, the more I learn, the more I realize what I don't know
  4. Generally on the surface I agree with matti however (*meow* - throwing the cat amongst the pigeons here) how does that explain rehabilitation ?

    Knowledge is bound by an individual's own education and exposures so therefore is limited, as each person experiences things differently. Input or education from others may broaden the knowledge and experience for the individual but only if the person is open to recieve or accept these variations will their knowledge possibly change.

    So no, its not impossible but depends on the individual if they are willing to think outside the square (the square being what they concieve to already know) and if they have acceptance to change / variation.

    True but its all in a person's 'tude dude ;)
  5. So right Matti

    I love learning "stuff". I reckon that my 37yrs is such a blink in the length of time that we've been learning "stuff" that there's so much "stuff" how could I be so arrogant as to think that I know it all... how can anyone say they know it all. I know so little of it... but the bit that I know, I think about... and rethink about... but I'm wired up that way.

    I guess it's when someone comes at me with unsubstatiated "stuff" that I find it hard to take a step back and see whether there's anything for me to learn.

    And when they try to ram some "stuff" down my throat which my own experiences and learning says is clearly wrong, that's when it really get's difficult... but still I test whether I'm just reacting in an "I know this stuff" kinda way, closing myself off to learning.

    And if they try to ram some "stuff" down my throat which is a construct of nothing other than beliefs and baseless thoughts... well... I like to engage those folks and share some of my "stuff"... but almost always it's never a two way street. (Humans can rationalise almost anything to make some kind of sense about it... doesn't make it knowledge though...)

    Epiticus had it right, the person who believes he knows it all, is doomed to remain ignorant.

    The real big resistance to learning "stuff" is that sometimes what you learn needs a change of your world view to accomodate... and that is a scary process for many many people... for them, it's better to ignore and remain ignorant than to grow... that's when a little voice in the back of my head says, "no point arguing with a fool, lest they be aswell."
  6. We're singing from the same hymm book sister :)

  7. This is more fun than Paul's religous debate :grin:

    Ya don't know what ya don't know, I am an open minded person who has opinions based on my life experiences. If someone has a different view then I am more than happy to listen and try to understand what they are saying, does it mean I agree with them? No not always. But I will listen. :grin:
  8. Easy the first step in rehabilitation is accepting that something is wrong, you! :grin:
  9. Ahh such sweet dulcit tones :-w :-w but which church we @ ? j/k that can be discussed elsewhere :LOL:

    I forgot to mention that habit (repeated patterns of actions, behaviour and/or thoughts) can be the evil opposition that affects one's knowledge or potential knowledge in acceptance of change. Habit can be the most responsible for resistance and often the hardest to conquer.
  10. Re: Wednesdays Weight Wisdoms #2, Knowledge

    It is impossible to learn everything.
  11. "To know everything, first you must realise you know nothing"

    Cant remember where i heard that but my dear old Welsh Nanna (RIP) comes to mind.

    Sort of a catch 22 i guess, i will probably die knowing a lot more than i do now and still wishing i had more time to learn new 'stuff'
  12. Oi !! Steady =; ... I resemble that remark :p !

    I will admit I am a work in progress and like to believe that if good things take time then I am a masterpiece in the waiting, just dont hold ya breath too long ok ? Good things take time :LOL:
  13. I am 31 and still studying - and am constantly suprised by the amount of people who are so rigid in their views - and the "i'm right' mentality...

    So many people are closed off to hearing and listeing to others opinions and knowledge...and yeah i'll often give someone a chance to talk - and then may not agree with their views - but I may have learned a new approach to thinking about a subject...

    If you believe you already know something - then I agree it can be difficult to re-learn a new approach, thats why i would never claim to be an expert on any subject just because i like being open to new ideas :grin:
  14. Its lucky that we are not all sheep, I reckon.
  15. It's impossible to know everything, but it is also sometimes impossible to teach someone that doesn't want to be taught.

    ESPECIALLY when they want hard, physical, no argument facts that you sometimes can't verbalise.

    This is more so with 'life' issues (emotions, feelings, wants, needs) rather than 'textbook' stuff.

    And upbringing plays a major, major part in that. If you're brought up with little to no emotional ....stuff.... then you learn to live with/like that. Learning how to express/show your emotions, rely on people, understand how others can be so damn emotional, is damn hard work. Trying to TEACH someone that is even harder I assure you :p

    That's not to say that being emotional is any more or less better than not, I just mean that people NEED people, in some way or another, whether they like it or not. Teaching someone that it IS OK is a biatch!

  16. Brian: You have to be different!
    The Crowd: Yes, we are all different!
    Small lonely voice: I'm not!

  17. "It's good to be different, but it's different to be good"

    ...sorry I digress...

  18. Ah yes it has taken me over 40 years to be this good, wait untill I've had another 40! :p
  19. I can't believe the day's nearly over and this discussion hasn't turned to boobies yet. :shock:
  20. Loz hasn't put in an apearance yet though :p