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Wednesday's Weighty Wisdoms #1, Discuss:

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. OK, bush philosophers and thoughtful humans, here's a corner of NR that you can vent your deep thinking neurons on matters of life other than motorcycling.

    Let's start off with something "light and breezy" and not too challenging.. cough*not*cough... something I heard on a movie over the last week that tripped my ear...

    "A man learns to love the woman that he's attracted to, whilst a woman becomes more and more attracted to the man she loves."
    :-k :-k

    Is it true? Why? Why not? Does it describe a fundamental difference between the sexes?? At face value, is it a statement of psychology or phisiology? Discuss.

  2. ok, i'll start the ball rolling - and accept whatever flaming i get......i've noticed (bein back on the single scene after some time away) that most of the knobs i've met lately first want to have a physical attraction. if they don't get the immediate eye-candy then they don't bother with looking further.

    whereas most of the gals i've talked to say that they want to be able to have a half-way decent conversation as well and are prepared to spend a bit of time talking.

    however, i have also met gals who spend a lot of time looking for eye-candy too. and guys who say that there is more than looks.....

    it seems to me that the line might have some substance on the face of it - but in reality - i think it is all much more complex.

    but then - how many threads on the forums talk about the 'look' of the gals, and how many bike magazines have female eye-candy but very little for us gals???????

  3. thanx smee.......

    i rest my case.......



  4. This thread originated by a man who's good lady is as pretty as pretty can be, and, I have no doubt a great friend as well :wink:

    Unless parties of either gender are only after a quick bungle in the jungle, I think the most important and satisfying outcome is the grow to love a person to whom you are attracted.

    Speaking personally, my wife of now 34 years was a stunningly pretty 15 year-old when I first met her, and being a red-blooded 17 year-old, I was attracted to her. But she quickly became a great friend as well as a wonderful girl-friend.

    I think shared interests help, but in my opinion the greatest barrier to good relationships today is selfishness; as long as a guy wants a girl so he can get what HE wants, not GIVE what he can, there is not much future to that.
  5. Hey smee, the tarp in the background is over the wrong thing :LOL:.
  6. I think it's true. But it isn't limited. There are girls out there that choose guys solely on their looks. Problem is, most of the 'hunks' KNOW they are, and f*ck around whenever the opportunity arises.

    There are also guys that aren't so shallow and can look past the looks.

    In GENERAL though, I think it's true. It's human nature.

    It's a statement of both psychology and phisiology. The fact that 99% of the time all guys can think about is sex shows that their life revolves around phisiology. Whereas chicks (more so when they're older) 99% of the time their concern is having a husband, children, white picket fences - if the guy's HOT, then all the more better ;) So they're the psychological side.

    I'm babbling, trying to write it all down before I get busted not doing work ;) So my response doesn't sound backed by logic...might come back to it when I finish work :p
  7. Wow Rob, it's as if you WANT no sex for two weeks. The wise man keeps his mouth shut lest his foot go in it... ;) :LOL:
  8. A man marries a woman hoping she wont change, but she does.
    A woman marries a man hoping he will change, but he doesn’t.
    (ducks and runs) :bolt:

    I find get more attracted to a woman if she doesn’t jump in bed with me within the first couple of times we meet.

    Men an women are different, if you can accept that your half way to looking past the glossy exterior, personally I want some one who’s going to be beside me when I fcuk up.

    Also I’ve found women tend to latch on to quickly and want the whole relationship thing within the first month or 2, not sure about other guys but I don’t work like that.
    May be I’m still a bit jaded after a 20 year marriage going bung, but the whole full on commitment thing just isn’t in me at the moment.

    Ok i'll stop now i'm rambling again
  9. It's easy for you "not to want the commitment thing" Woodsy, not everyone's lucky enough to have a harem.
  10. LOL@Loz.

    Not a personal thread Loz... though I am in my philosophical bat cave at the moment. Genuinely, this particular quote really tripped my ear.

    Anyway, 21yrs of doing gigs & watching people, and having read a few of the mars/venus genre type books, suggests that there's some truth in the movie quote... how much truth though?

    Alan Pease (Body language expert) and his wife wrote a book called "Why men lie and women cry". I think it should be a standard for everybody to read. It's an eye opener...

    It would argue that the quote is generally true from a physiological point of view. Our brains are differently wired for specific evolutionary reasons and on an evolutionary level, the quote accurately describes human base level procreation and survival of the race imperatives. But we're more than just chemical wiring... well, at the very least we all have the potential to be more than our chemical wiring.


    The ramblings, brain dumpings, is exactly what I hoped this (possibly weekly) thread would generate.

    Put your streams of consciousness here!
  11. Ok - speaking for myself I tend to find that sometimes blokes who i'm not initially attracted too become more and more attractive once I get to know them better... :grin: when someone makes you relax around them and makes you laugh - then yeah - they do tend to become more attractive...

    On the other hand some blokes who I have encountered who i've initially been attracted too - have been an increasing turn off the more I get to know them...

    I think sometimes the more you get to know someone (and not neccessariy jumping straight into the sack with them) the more you are attracted to them...but if you've started off as friends it can be difficult to then move out of the friend zone - just in case it doesnt work out...

    There does have to be some spark of interest there - whether thats friendship based or chemistry..

    But then again - this comes from a single girl who's just enjoying fishing in the sea of men at the moment :grin:
  12. I have always wanted what I can't have.
    And then once I can have it, I don't seem to want it anymore. :?
  13. What if that someone was clearly not aesthetically pleasing...
  14. Being newly single, and being out of the dating game for more than 20 years, the whole bloody thing is mighty scary at the moment, no matter what a woman looks like.
  15. I think it depends on the age's of the people involved. The younger we are the shallower we seem to be. But as we get older other things become more attractive yo us. Sense of humor, confidence, style..........friendship etc etc.

    Second time around for me and thats my opinion.
  16. you bet....and ditto re guys looks.....and don't believe them when they say it gets easier..... :oops:
  17. That's why he said "beside me", not "facing me".
  18. :rofl:


    OK, seriously though...

    Kezza, if you found a plain and average, unstriking guy in your travels that was willing to have a conversation, and you found him intelligent, interesting, witty, charming, complementary, chivalrous, gentlemanly... would he start to become attractive?? ...or would he just become a better chance at being a friend??

  19. Nah kezza, it wont be easy, will it. Luckily the things that were important at 20 dont matter as much at 50. I got to keep my beautiful MV AGUSTA though.