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Wednesday Spanner Night #9: Fork Oil Change (Noble Park)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. OK so you've bought yourself a motorbike made by Japanese people for Japanese people. The average Japanese person weighs approximately three kilograms. The average Australian weighs a lot more.

    Bike design often tends to favour lighter riders for this reason. And one of the ways this is most apparent is that smaller bikes in particular tend to have very sloppy forks with not much damping. You get on the front brakes, and they slop forward, which makes people less inclined to use their front brake - which is bad.

    Fork oil also deteriorates as a bike's life goes on. Refreshing the fork oil, and using a slightly more viscous oil, can make the front end of the bike feel a lot more solid and planted.


    Project & Project bike:
    So this week we'll be replaing the fork oil on Holster's ancient SRX250. Fork oil changes are a slightly messy job, and require the front end to be taken off the bike. This is nothing to be afraid of, it's actually not that big a deal.

    The process goes something like:
    1) Elevate front end
    2) Remove brakes
    3) Remove front wheel
    4) Remove mudguard
    5) loosen triple clamps and remove forks
    6) pop tops off forks and get all the oil out
    7) put new oil in
    8) put bike back together

    In between each of these steps is a .5 involving spilling things and swearing a lot.

    Time and Location:
    We'll be at Holster's place in Noble Park. Post in here or PM me for the address if you'd like to join in.

    Tools and Materials
    - Full set o' toolz
    - Scissor jack and block o' wood
    - Drip tray and funnel
    - Measuring jug
    - 1 bottle of fork oil (15/20W is usually much better than the standard 5 or 10W)

    We also need to know exactly how much fork oil the bike requires. So Holster, can you dig up a service manual or find out (either in ml or mm from the top) EXACTLY how much fork oil we need to use?
  2. i might be interested in this, not sure what the previous owner did to the bike but a few months ago i noticed the rear getting pretty loose, managed to find a replacement rear shock from a wrecked GS500 for a fair bit cheaper than rebuilding the one i had.

    pretty much straight after changing that i noticed the front was also pretty loose :(
  3. By tipping the old oil into a measuring jug it should become apparent how much fresh oil needs to go back in, should it not? Perhaps this may be easier than hunting down a worshop manual? :)
  4. Not always grasshopper :cool:

    Loz and 'Wallace' will attest to this when they think back to the fork oil change done on my bro's bike recently. One fork had shitloads of oil in it, the other had sweet FA :shock: Much jocularity ensued :LOL:
  5. Yeah, better to know what amount is standard. We can take guesses if we have no other way.

    There's a chance we might be able to do more than one bike on Wednesday, so if anyone else is keen to do this work please let me know.
  6. I have the workshop manual for the 85 SRX (mine is the 84) From what I've heard and and seen they are pretty much the same.

    I have sent Loz the 2 pages that cover fork oil changes.
  7. This just may be the most prepared we've ever been for a spanner night people... :shock:

  8. I'm not just a pretty face :p
  9. I should be there this week :)
  10. well aleast you can show them how to check for wear off the bush's and seals & also wear on springs.

    your to late for me loz i done mine about a month ago (new bush's & seals and checked spring length for sag)
  11. Only thing I know about checking seals Phil is if the fork's wet, it needs replacin' - I can check spring length but I doubt Holly would want to chuck a couple hunjy at new springs for a bike like that. If it's out of spec we'll preload it with some washers.

    Do you wanna come down and show us how to check seals and bushes? It's not far from your joint.
  12. Is this shed going to have a heater in it?
  13. Why don't you come along Cheffie, you're a great source of hot air. :p
  14. I blew my tyres up myself at the last spanner night. I just did it around the corner so no-one would see. :oops:
    Getting the beads to seat takes some extra special hot air!
  15. You must have used your mouth, a tyre valve wouldn't fit in the arse of a bloke who changes his own tyres to save $40... :p
  16. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I was going to say that's how i got the beads to seat...
    ...but I have no comeback for that!

    Well played sir.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Two steps ahead of ya pal! :p
  18. i'll have to get the bench sorted if Chef comes
  19. Yeah we'll need a good jumping bench.
  20. I'm gunna break it up and burn it if it's this cold. brrrr
    Add to your list of tools an empty 44 gal drum please.