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Wednesday Spanner Night #8 - Chain + Sprockets #2

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    Sorry to be so late in organising this one, we'll be well early with next week. It might even make it into the calendar!

    Tonight we'll revisit chain and sprockets, but on an Italian bike and with a rivet link.

    It'll be Kamm's Aprilia RS250, hopefully that doesn't mean there'll be weird size tools required. I've got a breaker/riveter, angle grinder etc so I figure we might as well have it at my place.

    Post in here if you want the address details - and even if you've already got them, chuck in a post so I know how many are coming aye?

  2. Oh, and I don't have a race stand, so I'll show you my adaptation of PNUT's famous "race crates" solution. it's a laugh.
  3. Really keen on coming down tonight but unfortunately my missus has already made plans for us ](*,)

    Good luck with the milk crate race stands. Pics of said ingenuity would be appreciated!
  4. Hey Loz

    To clarify is it tonight or is this for next week?

  5. Loz ... I already sent you a PM earlier this week ... but still waiting for a reply ... where is your house??
    I work about 5 minutes away ... but need to know what street and number ...
  6. Yep Fab it's tonight.
  7. Sorry guys, cant make tonight, will see you all next week :)
  8. Maybe. Got license today :shock:

    PM sent Loz.
  9. Another use for milkcrates :!: Is there nothing they can't do :?:

    Can we have some pics please?
  10. Thats my next project...BUT im too buggered tonight as i just finished changing the bearings in the rear wheel and need a beer or 2 as ive never done anything like it before!
  11. Sweet

    See everyone tonight. Back where it all started...
  12. Well, a mitigated success tonight.

    Turned out we didn't actually have a rivetting tool (and before you laugh Stewy, I don't think YOU do either bozo) so to be safe we popped it off after attempting to mushroom the rivets with various punches and hammers, and just stuck a clip link on.

    Then we used Kamm's very cool axle alignment tool to get the rear wheel absolutely straight and the chain tensioned perfectly. This took approximately 15 hours despite the coolness of the tool. When the axle was tightened up, the alignment changed. We decided we were cool with that.

    I took the RS250 out for a test ride. It handled beautifully, but stalled constantly, a long way from home. I had to push start the thing (kickstarter wasn't there) about 20 times. I kept checking the choke lever, yep, fully down.

    Finally, after about 10 stalls and varying levels of difficulty starting the thing again, I limped back to my place where the blokes were expecting me to come back with a mudguard in one hand and a wheel in the other.

    Kamm then informed me the UP is off for the choke. I'm a bit of a knob.

    Guy will have some photos up shortly, but he missed the embarrassing bit. :grin:
  13. umm... yeah cos i used my farking hands to press the revits back together to do the sv1000 chain ya wally

    :roll: :p :LOL:
  14. now that would of been funny to see :LOL: you sir are a goose :LOL:
  15. Well the chain is still on, I thrashed it and it didnt come off and wrap around my leg (as was predicted on the night). Thanks for the help guys, I am gonna give that aligner another crack..get my moneys worth lol. Shopping for a rivet tool today...and an instruction manual.

    Anybody wanna help build a cafe racer??? he he.
  16. :?
    i rivet all my chains with a ball pein hammer and a block of wood.
    bush mechanics spanner night at mogo perhaps? :LOL:
  17. a couple hits with the ball hammer would have that rivetted!!!!
    didnt you have one?
  18. Hey -I thought you said you did'nt have a chain riveter? Whats this -a bowl of goldfish? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Used that thing to get the rivets in, no problems, but it wouldn't work to actually flange the rivets over. Unless of course the experts onsite had NFI what they were doing, but that's just not likely, now, is it? :roll: