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[Wednesday] Intermediate Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Ed., Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. The all new WNGR.

    The Wednesday Night Goldilocks Ride.

    Not too fast, not too slow, not too short, not too long.

    The Wednesday Night Goldilocks Ride - Just Right.

    Pitched at the intermediate level rider.

    Level 3/4 according to the descriptions here.


    Every Wednesday night.

    Meet point:

    The Wednesday Night Goldilocks Ride - Meet Point - BP Servo - 117 Elgin Street (near Rathdowne Street) Carlton

    Meet Time:


    Who knows where we'll go, what we'll see, who will lead and who will TEC. Come along and be surprised. The ride will travel via mysterious ways and return to a convenient urban spot for coffee, drinks and/or nibblies.

    ^ Originally posted by Luke, the bloke with a bike, a dog and many a midlife crisis^

    The idea of a regular Wednesday night intermediate ride was discussed at the end of last summer. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would ride every night of the week given the chance.

    It may be beneficial for experienced learners who are competent and looking for a ride more challenging than Tuesdays, especially as the Tuesday learners ride is slowing down to cater for newly licensed riders.

    It may also be an opportunity for intermediate riders to have a go at leading rides without the pressure of having to get it right for Tuesday's learners or Thursday's experienced riders

    The intermediate ride and coffee goes ahead every Wednesday over summer. It involves a lovely ride planned with coffee at an undisclosed but convenient location not far from the city.

    This event is open to everyone, but please note that it is targeted at intermediate and above riders. The person in the ride leader position takes the job knowing that learners may turn up and plans the route accordingly. The tail end charlie (TEC) rides at the very back and knows it will be a slow ride for them. They take the role willingly and there is absolutely no reason for learners to feel they're holding someone up. TEC is there to help and doesn't care how slow you ride.

    A word of advice to learners...because the ride is open to all, it often involves highly experienced riders who ride at a pace that might seem very fast. The TEC will always stay at the back and look after you. We do ask that you remember being a learner means you are not as fast as a rider with 5+ years experience, and therefore you should never push your limits trying to keep up. We want every rider to ride within their own limits and at their own pace. There is no reason to feel that you will be a burden and there is no glory in being a dead fast rider. We are a friendly group and are genuinely pleased that you came to ride with us, so we do not want you to risk getting hurt due to unwarranted insecurities.

    Corner Marking!

    On a group ride the main tool for group navigation is the process known as Corner Marking.

    The lead rider is responsible for knowing the route to be taken by the group. On mystery rides, only the lead rider knows the destination and route so Corner Marking is essential.

    Whenever a turn is made at an intersection, that turn needs to be marked so all riders in the group know to take that turn to avoid getting lost. Sometimes a Corner Marker will be left at a point where no turn is made but the direction is unclear (eg. a 3 point or odd shaped roundabout. If there is no corner marker, the riders must assume the ride continues straight according to legaly defined terms rather than actual direction (put simply, as the line markings dictate).

    When the ride leader wants to make a turn he/she will indicate that turn. The leader will also point to a spot on the LEFT hand side of the road.

    The rider directly behind the ride leader (ie, the corner marker) stops in that spot on the LEFT hand side of the road and indicates in the direction the ride leader traveled. If leader goes right, indicate right and vice versa.

    The Corner Marker must maintain that position with the indicator on until ALL riders have past through the turn. This may take 5mins or 5 hrs, it doesn't matter. You will NOT be left behind. If you are left behind the ride leader will stop the group and go back for you.

    The Corner Marker will know when ALL bikes have passed when the Tail End bike signals that no more bikes are coming. This signal will be honking the horn, waving and flashing high beams. At this point, let the tail end through, then make the turn and overtake TE. Job well done.
    Corner Marking is easy and should not be a stressful job. It just requires patience and concentration. If you do not want to corner mark, ride at the back of the group to avoid it. Rule of thumb is to keep at least 2 bikes between yourself and the ride leader to avoid getting that position. If this is your 1st group ride, try to avoid marking corners until you've seen thee process work.

    Remember that extra concentration may be required in town to make sure the bike you see is correctly identified as Tail End. Traffic lights and traffic can break the group and there could be significant gaps between small groups of riders. Other bikes not involved in the ride may also give you a friendly wave. Be aware of what type of bike Tail End is riding and if you don't get a toot and a flash stay where you are.

    Nb. if you are riding in the group, please don't confuse the Corner Marker by giving them a 'thank you' wave. If they think you are tail end, it will cause caos. Please thank them at the end of the ride.


    It is absolutely a requirement that a proper ride brief be given before the ride starts. This may be done my the ride leader or if you're not the public speaking type then a nominated spokesperson may do it for you.

    The ride brief must include a description of the Corner Marking process. The TEC must also be clearly pointed out with their bike so corner markers know NOT to leave the corner until TEC honks their horn at them.

    It's also helpful to provide information of any hazards you expect, U-turns or corners that can't be marked for safety reasons. A reminder to ride safe and give each other plenty of space is also worth putting in the brief.

    Slow Learners

    If you have any questions about the ride, corner marking or the ride leaders job (because we'd like you to have a go at everything), please do not hesitate to ask. Most of the regular riders have all the patience in the world and can happily answer most questions a thousand times. The Ride leader will also be able to answer questions about their rides.
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  2. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    I think its a great idea, as is the meeting place. Have noticed the meeting place is not far from Eastern and also City Link easier for people to get to. Good idea about people having a go at leading a ride. I know lots of great roads in the Dandenongs, but I don't think would be suitable for brand new learners.
  3. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    I'll probably turn up regularly.
  4. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    I'd go every week I wasn't out of town.
  5. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    Build it and they will come.
  6. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    Wednesday is better for me than Tues/Thurs so I would come a fiar bit I'm sure...
  7. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    whats ther start time?
  8. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    as its daylight savings now, I'd vote for an 8:00pm start. 7:30 is just pushing it a bit too much (for me... yes I am thinking of myself here)
  9. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    Any night is a good night for riding.
    I'd def. turn up for some, depending on my roster
  10. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    You know I'm down :D
  11. Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    I'd perhaps slope along on occasion.
    Loving the proposed meet point. Bring on summa!
  12. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    Just Wondering if this is now on? Wednesdays are perfect for me. I just got my P's 2 days ago! Would love to be involved in a group ride. Is anyone going to be there this wednesday? And if so what meeting place was decided on?
  13. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    Wednesday sounds like a great idea especially for those that can't often make Tues/Thurs nights (like me lately).

    An intermediate ride would also make sense to bridge the gap between the Tuesday learner rides and the more advanced rides out there. As mentioned by others this may reduce the pressure of Tuesday rides becoming too adventurous for some, whilst still enabling newer riders to step up when they are ready. In addition, the more experienced riders looking for another midweek opportunity to ride could come on the intermediate ride where the pace and interest would be more suitable for them.

    Maybe this is just too crazy, but it might even make sense to switch the learner ride to Wednesday and have the intermediate ride on Tuesday nights instead. That way the experienced riders from Thurs can have the option of the intermediate ride on Tues, rather than riding two nights in a row midweek. There would be less incentive for them to come along to the learner ride then, if that is something people are concerned about.

    Anyway, just random thoughts to consider... I like the idea of another ride though!
  14. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    i thought the thurs night MR was intermediate?

    it's not ridiculous speeds or distances unless you choose to roll on the throttle, or hang around for the after after after ride which finishes at 5am.

    the advanced rides will always be on the weekends, allowing for a full day's ride, and daylight/good conditions.

    anyways, the more nights with organised rides, the better i reckon :D
  15. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    anyways, the more nights with organised rides, the better i reckon :D[/QUOTE]

    Yep now all you need is the Monday Night and Friday Night to be filled, maybe the learner learner learner ride and the advanced advanced advance ride. LOL :))
  16. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    So it's Monday night already, that means we need to sort out the start time for this tomorrow or people will miss out.

    How do we set up a voting thing?
  17. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    I thought the intermediate ride was on Wednesday?
  18. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    Looking at how much interest there is out there for a ride to be held on a Wednesday, I reckon we meet at the location mentioned in the first post of this thread, BP on Elgin Street Carlton at 7.30pm for a 8pm departure.

    I think we see how the 8pm departure time works with people, though IMHO an extra half an hour of daylight riding is preferable. Sorry Spenze.

    One day I will figure out how to, but for the moment can someone please post a google maps link to the location?

    I will chuck together a ride description sometime this week.

    Can someone PM me the process of linking in a google maps link and making this thread a sticky, which I will do once the description is complete?

    See you all there for what I hope is a regular Wednesday meet.
  19. Re: Proposal for Wednesday Night Intermediate Rides

    Here is your map reference. http://tinyurl.com/3xppm7r
    Now you just need to PM a moderator and ask for them to make it into a sticky.
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