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[Wednesday] Coffee Night, Randwick

Discussion in 'NSW' started by DUK35, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Please be advised that the Eastern Suburbs Coffee Meet has changed Venue and Day due to the constant growth of our meet. We now have our own meeting place rich in the history of our group :)

    Meet time starts at 7pm but generally we will be there before hand and goes on till closed (10:30 pm).

    DUKE'S LOUNGE, 153 Avoca St, Randwick

    If you're looking for a Great hang out themed specifically around motorcycling, Great crowd, Great food, the best coffee in the East and Great conversations - this is the meet for you! (plus no restrictions! As much noise as you want!)

    (soon to have TT's and MotoGP Reruns as well as other crazy Bike DVD's on show + More!)

    Come and meet other netrider - Show off your Ride and have a laugh or two!

    Duke's Lounge is proudly made possible by all members of the group. Over the years we have come together to create this place to be our own. Thank you everyone for the continuous support :)

  2. good to see the sydney network is getting a bit organised.

    we already have the westies (Mean Fiddler on saturday arvo's) and the northside cahpter(President Karl at Terry Hills Tavern alternate wednesdays at 7.00+) and now the east is being covered and there is now an EOI for a south west chapter. :cool:

    You guys, since you have been going for a while now and are very organised, should request this topic being made into a sticky!!

  3. I've been trying to get to one of the east meets for a while, but work destroys such chances.. :( Maybe one day I'll get the perfect roster, working tues thurs and fri so I can have monday for east and wednesday for north.

    Sigh.. but a mans got to eat (an sv650s) :grin:
  4. Id take part in this coffee meet too, but 9pm, cant to that with a 4am wake up it just wont work

  5. Phizog and Veilspade - we can always shift around one or so weeks so you guys can make it :) just let us know.

    4am start is pretty early!!! we would beable to meet at 6pm one week tho just for ya :p
  6. I am with Dave here.................us precious northerners do need our beauty sleep after all :LOL: :LOL:
  7. If you can move it earlier once in a while id be there for sure

    Agreed Jeff, still in need of a few years yet.
  8. lol agreed earlier and i'll come. 9pm is my bed time :p
  9. copied from the sw sydney proposal....................you easterners are a soft bunch afterall :rofl:

    TWEET wrote:
    Like all of these coffee meets (Except our secret one on Mondays - Not so secret now Duke!) are just too far away for people from the East/City, and the Fiddler on Saturday, well would rather be spending the weekend riding, not talking about it...

    You easterners are a bit precious hey???? :LOL: :LOL:

    I find it ironic that netrider groups, that all have a common interest of riding, find it too far to ride to meet other like minded riders

    Why don't the easterners all meet at one place and have a group ride to Terry Hills or The Fiddler (oh.................. before you leave you could have a can of your very own hardenthefockup drink :rofl: :rofl: )
  10. +1 for easterners to ride up to Terry hills next Wed PM for East meets North showdown! Bring your Latte drinking gear!
  11. That's Funny Jeff :LOL:

    Hey maybe your westies and northern folk could have our can of harden, and come to god's country?
  12. Maybe.....................9.00 is too late for this old fella. I need to be in my slippers and red checkered dressing gown with the gold waist tie and tassles, with my feet up on a cushioned stool (poofe') while sipping on my not too hot drink of horlicks before I retire to my bed with a nice warm hot water bottle (with the crotchered cover of course)

    Does the can of harden come with a pensioners discount?????
  13. Ah, of course...you guys will have hogged all the pub's latte sets already :rofl:
  14. right that's it......................outside and we can yell at each other and make sure there are people to hold us back :rofl:
  15. nice website you guys got there

    so how good is the coffee in randwick
  16. All you softies have left The Fiddler by the time pass it on the way back from the usual Saturday run up to Waterfall Way and back down the Putty :LOL:
  17. Noooooo, don't yell at me, argh, not the pie'n'latte breath!! :shock: :rofl:
  18. ...geez, posting on top of each other :LOL:

    Jeff the HEFF!!! I can't see your Playboy Mansion from Google Earth? :p
  19. My mansion IS earth!!!
  20. .

    So what time do you go past? midnight :shock: :p .
    Be a pleasure to see you out there :grin: :wink:

    I can only make the mid week coffee meets through school holidays :cry:
    So I'll be there then. :grin:
    Cheers Lou