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Wednesday 3rd August: Dinner Plain for lunch?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Heli, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. With the warmest August for 30 years, ideal conditions for a blast up to Hotham and have lunch in the snow :D

    I'll be leaving early, anyone interested in coming along? Maybe via Whitlands on the way there, maybe a full loop via Bairnsdale, depending on the day and the conditions.

    PM if you're up for it :biker:
  2. your a baastard 2
  3. Great, great day :D

    Mansfield for breakfast, Whitfield road for fun, screamed up the Hotham road, Omeo to Bairnsdale is just one of the roads, and even the Princes Highway wasn't too bad. 922km, just under 10 hours, the K16 is awesome for mid range acceleration and the handling :eek:

    Happy? You bet, photos and videos uploading now

  4. Flowerdale on the way up was cold: 1C, even the screen was misting up, and the 'ice' warning on the panel was to be ignored: my fingers were telling me that!


    Bonnie Doon bridge over a very full Eildon


    The run through to Hotahm was my first real push of the bike through tight, uphill corners, and I was more than impressed with handling better than bikes 100kgs lighter. And that torque just keeps on coming from 20 to $1.30 in second without a let up :)


    Snow was being trucked around to keep lift unloads operating safely, from >1 metre of powder a fortnight ago to elephant snot and spring skiing in the middle of winter :(


    Quick check of my house at Dinner Plain, lunch, then the long blat home with no more time for photos. Next time, a bit of company to keep up?

  5. Heli.................... I HATE YOU....:p:p:p