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Wedge nearly became part of the asphalt...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wedge, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Coming home this morning from the shops and i nearly got taken out by a car, very close shave... so this is what happened.
    Coming down a slight hill and heading for a round-about, two lanes into the round-about, one going off to the left and the other straight ahead and turning to the right. Coming down i'm beside a little mazda, young chick driver with sh@t piled to the roof in the back, so i thought i'll get beside her so she can see me out the passenger side window.
    Indicator on for me to turn left and i'm beside her car window, as i start to make the turn i notice something to my left, and f#$k me if it isnt the mazda turning right into me :shock: . Didnt have enough room to straighten up as there was guttering and sign post in front of me, applied back brakes as i was mid corner, back tyre started sliding away, counter steered for the slide, got it up right before the next bend and gained control.
    Man i was PO, still behind the mazda and not even a courtesy wave, gave her a blast of my horn and a high beam to let her know i was still alive and she flipped me off :evil: ..with that i changed down and flew past her, f$#@en idiot.
    Still cant believe i managed to control the slide and keep it upright, this is only the second week on the bike :)

  2. And what did we learn?

    Don't stay in people's blindspots (being next to them is a blindspot as they don't often look) and try to keep away from that back brake in the corners (or any brakes for that matter).

    Glad to hear you came out of it OK though, maybe you should consider a spell on a dirt bike with back tyre control like that? :p
  3. Man her whole car was a blind spot :) and she cant turn left from the right lane of the roundabout.
    If i didnt use any brakes i would have got driven out of the corner, when i got home i couldnt believe i counter steered like that, must have been from when i was a grommet on my bmx :grin:
  4. Well done wedge you wouldn't wan to put any marks on that "clean as" GS500f :)
  5. Glad to hear that you came through unscathed.
  6. its stories like these that make me wanna install an emp weapon on my bike :LOL: glad you came out okay though.
  7. Sometimes violence is a valid education tool. Not often but sometimes...
  8. as above, she's a dick, but you have to learn your lesson. anywhere near a car is in a blind spot. Very often that includes right infront of the driver...
    Glad to see you come out in one piece.
  9. Always when i'm riding, you almost kill me cause you're a dumb fcuk i will make you pay for it, in one way or another.

    Good skills there wedge, we'll have to come up for a burn sometime soon.
  10. As above wedge. Glad to hear your ok.
    Cheers Lou
  11. glad you made it through!

    but if you really wanna get in to asphalt, all you have to do is PM me! :LOL:
  12. But was she hot!!?!??!?! :grin:
  13. Yep, you missed the important part of this whole saga! Come on man!
  14. Awesome rescue, Wedge!