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Wed Spanner Night #17: minor fairing repairs with Cheffie

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]
    The above motorbike seems to have been in an accident. If you look closely you may notice some cracked or chipped plastic in its fairings - these are common in a drop or slide. But don't worry, they'll buff right out! In many cases, cracked or broken fairings can be put back together and repainted.

    Cheffie has some rooted plastics he wants to fix, he's got some ideas on how to do it involving plastex(sp?) and some simple tezzniques. I've got some rooted plastics I don't particularly need to fix but I'll try to bring a few bits around to practice on if they'll fit in a backpack.

    Venue is Chef's place in Mulgrave (pm him for the addy if you wanna come) and it's Wednesday the 17th at 7-10pm. BYO.

    And remember, spanner fans: lefty loosey, righty tighty.
  2. That one looks to be about a six beer job, eight if you include the sanding.

    I wont be using Plastex, but if somebody is familiar with it and wants to come along and give a demonstration on it's healing powers, that would be neat.
    The stuff I'm using is better suited to smaller damage and cracks, when it comes to joining two pieces together we're starting to move into welding territory.

    This spanner night will suit,
    Clumsy people,
    Crap riders,
    Tinseltown celebrities.
  3. I've got some minor fairing damage that I've been meaning to patch up. I'm not sure if I'm free Wednesday, but if I am I'd definitely like to tag along.
  4. I should be along, maybe with some broken bitz too :)
  5. you didn't drop your bike again did ya? :shock:
  6. Maybe he's planning to, Stewy.

    Cheffie, make it a 9 beer job on that gixxer, it looks like its mirrors are out of alignment. And add ten minutes for a change of rear tyre.
  7. Well this w/e will be sunny ;)... nah, its all good :)

    Loz, is that a Johhny 10 minute job, or a Cheffie 10 minute job? ;) :LOL:
  8. :shock: Mirrors! Who uses mirrors?

    That's a good point, if anyone wants to come along but you don't have any broken fairings, we can take care of that for you too. :wink:
  9. The wheels are already off the bike, so ten minutes could be doable :LOL:
  10. Put me down for a tentative 'yes' Scheffie :wink:
    I'll need to confirm with my social director :roll:
  11. I'll be there
  12. Put me down for a tentative yes

    I'll need to make sure the wife is not having a baby first though as she has 10 days to due date
  13. I might turn up. I havnt been to one in ages.
  14. I'm a Tinseltown celeb :grin: :cool:

    Send me your addy
  15. Hmm, not much can be done about the nose...
    Boobs :-k....I think PNUT needs bigger boobs :grin:

    You're in. PM sent.
  16. If you're going down that avenue a full body wax might be called for
  17. You or him? :shock:

    If it's him I'm going to need more fibreglass.
  18. Nah - I had a full body wax last week :p
  19. Hollie, love the sig:

    "I put the fist in pacifist"

    Did you also realise that there's no supermodel without SPERM, and no community without... ahhh, never mind.


    Cheff, what's the address??