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Webster's definition of a Shannon's enthusiast.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. It's a slow nite here at work, explains the humour.
    Feel free to add your own interpretations of a Shannon's enthusiast.

    There is a new expression making the rounds of Australian motorcyclists, please see below:

    "I bought a Shannon's bike!"
    Used to describe a pristine condition motorcycle, bought from someone who kept it in a garage it's whole life and polished it every weekend.
    Rode infrequently, and only for short distances in perfect weather.

    "Doing a Shannon's."
    Staying home this weekend and polishing the motorcycle.

    "A Shannon rider."
    Male or female motorcyclist who is only seen on the roads a few times a year, but when glimpsed is wearing the most expensive and/or trendy gear and riding a bike so clean you could eat your dinner off it.
    Disappears at the first sign of a cloudy sky.

    A Shannon's Entusiast: New term in the Websters Dictionary.
    Reads as: A person, male or female, who has in his/her possesion a motorcycle or car which is kept in near perfect condition and is driven on public roads infrequently. Always garaged, always immaculatly polished and shining, the owner of such a vehicle is likely to be of senior years and considers themselves an avid motor car/motorcycle user.

    "A Shannon's commuter."
    Sarcastic term for a rider who never uses his/her bike as daily transport.

    "A Shannon cycle."
    A well looked after, pristine condition motorbike.

    "A Shannon's cycle show."
    Previously known as a custom motorcycle event and/or a vintage motorcycle event. Sometimes both.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. lol...nice.
  3. Haha, so true, I like it :)
    A friend of mine bought his 06 ZX10R home the other week and rang Shannons for insurance, everything was going fine untill they asked "how often do you think you'll be riding your new bike?"

    He says "Every day of course, it's my only form of transport"

    "Sorry sir we dont insure riders of your type, good bye!... beep beep beep"

  4. Yup, they think an enthusiast means you never ride it. My interpretation would be the oppisite.
  5. When my girlfriend made enquiries on my behalf for M/C insurance about a month ago, they sarcasically told her 'better to get him to call'. I tried that night, waited for about 20 minutes and got no answer on their phone. They somehow got my mailing address and have been sending me crap about how they are 'into bikes'. Into profit and 'exclusive' riders, maybe, not great on customer service for a start.
  6. hey i might qualify... :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I've got a Shannon's oven in the kitchen! :wink:
  8. I love stereotypes, dont you? :roll:

    Shannons is a business, like any business they have the right to offer services to any limit or extent they choose. As a customer, you equally have the right to choose between any service provider to meet your requirements. I really dont understand why people think this is a cause to complain.

    Im more than happy with Shannons for my insurance. I walk to work on my feet and have multiple vehicles to choose from. 8000km/year/vehicle is more than I will use. The insurance package I have with Shannons is vastly cheaper than anyone else could offer - by hundreds of dollars. The cover for gear and accessories is better than anyone else offers. They were the easiest to deal with, offered me pay by the month for no extra, multiple vehicle discount.

    Does the fact I don't use my bike to commute make me less of a rider than you :?:

    Have fun boys and girls.
  9. funny coz it's true
    nice one jaqhama

    Remember - shannons are for Bike Enthusiasts - not Riding Enthusiasts :)
  10. yep :wink:

    top stuff jaq

    and dan
    seems to sum it up perfectly :LOL:
  11. Stupid shannons :LOL:
  12. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Top stuff.
    Jag I am going to steal this and email to my friends! K?

    Very good point!
  13. Be my guest Chirssie.
  14. Lotus7: less of a rider than me, well yes mate obviously, because I ride everyday and you don't.
    Therefore, to use your terms, you are less of a rider than me because you ride less.

    I am not saying you are less of an enthusiast however. If you take the definition of an entuhsiast as Shannon's do.
    I know people in wheelchairs who love biking just as much as I do.
    I am not picking on a particular type of bike owner here, I am making humorous observations in regards to a particular bike insurance (or lack of it) company.
  15. And this just in from the April edition of AMCN, an advert for Western QBE Insurance.

    It reads:

    "How often do you ride your bike?
    Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily?
    At western QBE we understand that real enthusiasts need to be able to ride their bike whenever they want.
    You can tailor a policy to suit your lifestyle, no matter how often you ride your bike."

    Obviously we are not the only ones who have picked up on Shannon's definition of a motorcycling enthusiast.

    Love it! :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Western QBE is great, my mate with the ZX10 is now insured with them for 3x less than SGIC wanted.
  17. Yeah...AMEN Jaqhama

    Definitions for enthusiast;
    :arrow: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity
    :arrow: fancier: a person having a strong liking for something

    I reckon enthusiast (in my opinion) would be someone who ride their bike every day (and has a reasonably expensive bike).

    Shannons meaning - own a bike but never ever ride it - to me thats called a "dust collector"
  18. That's me all over :LOL:
    but why do you have to throw this in? :evil:
    well.... it is reasonably expensive to me :roll:
  19. lotus, I think what pisses people off is that instead of hiring beatty and a lot of shiny bikes for their commercial, they could have given a proper description of the product on offer. Rather then making a lot of us wasting time on useless phone colls.
  20. Hi all,

    Shannons motorcycle = Show piece in humidity controlled glass case.

    Shannons motorcycle rider = cleaner of the glass case.


    :p :LOL: :p