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website hosting?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by crash_tester, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. hi guys, i seem to have a little problem with my website host :censored:

    mid friday the site went down and after multiple emails and phone calls i havent heard any responce from them ](*,) , now even though it is the weekend i think its totally unacceptable

    my host is www.oznethosting.com.au

    now my questions are:

    how hard is it to swap hosts?

    is it as painful as swapping with some ISP's?

    do i own my domain name? (while it is paid up)

    im losing a lot of sales, because the weekend is my busiest time of the week

    if my host pulls their finger(s) out and gets it up and running, what will happen to all my emails that have been sent during the down time, do i still receive them after or are they lost forever,

    please keep answers simple as i only learnt how to cut and paste about 2 years ago :oops: :oops: computers are not my "thing"

    thanks shane
  2. The website may be down and their mail servers may still be working.

    Easy to change Hosts. Just ftp the files from one to the other and then change the IP address to where your domain points to.
    Once the propagation is complete you are up and running again.

    You never "own" your domain, you lease it.

    It is still yours whilst it is paid up.
  3. thanks for the quick reply vic :woot:

    now do you or anyone else recomend a webhost?

    oh and whats the difference between linux hosting and winblows?

    my site uses frontpage so do i have to use a windows bases web host?? :-s

    im looking to at these two

    i have had a look at their plans and all i see is words and numbers, i cant work out what is a good feature and what isnt

    any help / recommendation would be appreciated

  4. I really, really, really like www.siteground.com

    Sure you pay in American dollars, and that's got worse lately, but in terms of features, support, and particularly uptime, I haven't found anything that compares.
  5. I am using Hightek Hosting at the moment. Local servers, costs a little more than one of the dozens of offshore hosts, but the service is AMAZING.


    FWIW I have used Hostingshop before and would not recommend them.
  6. Look fopr hosts offshore, they are far cheaper. I use Sureserver, $75AUD a year. Bugger all down time, reliable, enough storage for me and more than enough bandwidth. Worth a look.
    One uses windows server the other uses a linux flavoured operating system.

    I dare say, but dont quote me, I'm not that much of a geek :p

    Again, look off shore but if you want an Aussie host then smartyhost or similar will do the trick.

    It is seriously simple. I just got some space at sureserver, ftp'd all my files to their server and I was away.
    They have an FTP migration tool so all you need to do it point your FTP server to your old box and it will copy all the files across for you. It's just about as simple as drag and drop the other way too :)

    the above two hosts seem reasonably priced.
  7. I insist on paying full price.
  8. we keep the Suade stuff at ixwebhosting, no complaints there and they're pretty cheap. For frontpage you just need to have frontpage extensions enabled at the server, I don't know if that's only available on windoze servers or not.
  9. That's awesome. I pay about the same amount for crappy email hosting, that gives unlimited everything for $5 a month. That's chicken feed.

    I've got a question for any tech savvy people here though.

    I have 2 different domain names with 2 different hosts and email addresses etc are different. Let's say one is a.com and the other is b.com.

    Both are different websites and have their own sets of email addresses. Is it possible two combine the hosting to one account and have the two domains with the same host, but displaying different websites and each having a set of email addresses?


    That lets me host multiple domains, so I'm just a bit unsure how it works.

  10. Generally, you buy server space. One IP address per website.

    We have our own server and have a few sites hanging off it.

    It is possible to do what you want but your host will need to agree to do it for you.

    I have this;
    1GB of storage and 20GB of data transfers.
    More than enough for me with zero downtime so far in 18 months
  11. Yes. I have two domains on the one account with HostGo
  12. Ahh cheers. It turns out for their basic plan I'll have a shared IP for the 2nd domain name.

    But a dedicated IP for the first? I can remedy this with an extra $3 a month.

    Is it worth it?
  13. HostGo Hosting package add-ons , Dedicated IP Address FREE
  14. Interesting, it's still pricey when compared to IXhosting though.

    I was going to buy a 1tb hard drive as a backup drive, instead I'm just going to upload all my crap to the IX webserver.

    With unlimited storage and traffic, you can't go wrong. Awesome find Loz.