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website creation help?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. OK I have what is probably a pretty dumb question for the Web guru's out there.

    I have software to create web pages and want to get a website up and running.
    Once I have the web pages created, is it a case of just finding a host and uploading my pages to the server? Is it that simple?
  2. Yep all you need to do is find a host.

    There are a few free ones out there that put their own ads in via footers and headers, or you could spend some money and get more space and no ads
  3. +1

    PM me if you need any help making the site.
  4. A quick pimp for Siteground.com as a host. They're US$60 a year (which is nice now the xchange rate is what it is) but for that you get a free domain registration too, basically 100% uptime, loads of extra benefits, *massive* amounts of space and bandwidth... no ads no hassle. I use them and am massively impressed with them.
  5. Oh, and they let you be as 'deep geek' or otherwise as you want. They have simple web-based site management tools or you can just jump in there with ftp software (or even telnet in if you're that deep geek).
  6. ..except if you don't care about an address like triway.com.au..
    Because your ISP will probably give you for free a space like
    Look at their site, they'll have instructions how to do it...

    If you do want something more pro, i suggest:
    a) You have an ABN so
    http://hostess.com.au/ for a triway.com.au at $25 for 2 years
    or You don't have an ABN so
    a .com domain name for ~$15 a year ( there are million of registers)

    http://www.freehostia.com/ for free web hosting for up to 5gb monthly bandwidth
  7. Bloody hell

    PM me if you want details for ....

    Domain registering within Australia starting from $10 per year.
    As for hosting, i get mine from the US ... hosting in here in Australia is a total rip off. Im paying just over $10 (at current exchange rate) a month for my hosting. No way could I get what I am now here in Aust for that price.

    Other wise if its just crap you intend putting up, just use the webspace your isp give you.
  8. I use surpasshosting.com to host my site. Better value than most of the hosting companies here ..and fairly quick too.
    $(US)6 a mth :
    Disk Space

  9. HOSTGO $9.95 US a month for

    # 30 gigabytes of disk space
    # 3000 gigabytes of data transfer/visitors
    # 300 e-mail accounts
    # FTP
    # Windows Media/Real Media
    # CGI/Perl
    # SSH
    # ASP
    # SiteAdmin Control Panel
    # Web eMail
    # 24-7-365 Support
    # MySQL/PHP 4 and 5

    list goes on ....

    For domain registering Domain Name Registration Australia
  10. Sorry guys, Siteground still wins:

    US$5.95 per month, but $60 per year, for:

    * FREE domain name
    * 750 GB web space
    * 7500 GB traffic
    * 99.9% server uptime
    * Fast support response
    * 24/7 top customer care
    * CPanel and Fantastico
    * Immediate activation
    * FREE SiteBuilder (save $99)
    * Unlimited MySQL DB
    * Unlimited email accounts
    * Unlimited subdomains
    * Unlimited FTP accounts
    * FREE blog application
    * E-commerce solutions
  11. If your after a free one there is also freewebs (google it i cant post links)
    They arnt to bad either but in saying that, you get what you pay for!