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Website blocked by work server. How do I surf it anonymously

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. A mate can't see a particular website cause it's blocked by the network. Are there any sites (that actually work) that allow you to surf to that site and do it anonymously ?

    This is NOT a p0rn related request !
  2. If it's not for p0rn, I can't help you as I don't see the point. 8)
  3. Just an idea off the top of my head, what about the google translation site or www.asksnoop.com?

    Just thinking that because it redirects through the translation site, it might hide the ID.

    P.S I'm not an IT nerd. :D
  4. Get the IP address of the site. Use that instead. Most filters block on the name, not the IP.
  5. ooops
    I thought most blocking software used the IPaddy ..not the name
    to avoid DNS issues (think ours at work does that)

    anyone confirm..?

  6. I found becoming mates with the guys in IT works better than any software. I really love there conversations about startrek and the fun they had at the weekend with their RS232 interface leads. Boy I'm glad hitch hikers guide to the galaxy has come out on the big screen at long last. Those IT guys really know how to live!!!!!!
  7. I hope that isnt a real website :shock: I just made it up to be funny honest!!!
  8. Years ago I heard of an anonymiser surfing website... ideal for surfing from a proxy surfer set up like most workplaces... but I would suspect that any smart IT folk would block those sites first!
  9. How disappointed was I when I went there a got a 404....

  10. Nope, most work off the name, as technically using www.google.com is more efficent than blocking the ip. If you just block the IP, the name can move to a new IP addy and it's open again.

    Some do use the the IP addy, but in the last 5 companies I've worked at, and the half a dozen or so I've helped people bypass the proxy, none of them do :)

    Remember 99.99% of people don't know how to use ping or tracert to get the IP of a site :)
  11. Use a public proxy server. Might let you through.
  12. Ouch... I could be in trouble... just as I suspected, both those sites come up as prohibited sites...

    *Rob waits for the IT commandoes to break into his office...*
  13. I used to use anonymouse sites to look at p0rn and other things in school. meh. but it was in bairnsdale.. The IT guy was related to papa smurf...
  14. Check this out: