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Webcam workshop?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by E2W, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Yes - would love to watch my bike being worked on.

    29 vote(s)
  2. No - Pete your a wanker

    9 vote(s)
  1. Today was a bolt of lightning moment. I was working on a bike and the owner was in Hong Kong on business but rang to see how the bike was going. While talking to the owner he asked "do I have Skype?" The answer was yes and once he'd found my account log on we had a chat via webcam. It was so easy to show him what was wrong with his bike and how it needed to be fixed via the webcam plus what additional work his bike would require to get it back on the road.

    So the question is: If I was to put a live feed up on my web site (or via Skype) of your bike would you guys watch as your bike was being serviced?

  2. Dont know if I would watch but it would be interesting none the less..
  3. Looks like Im a wanker - thats nothing new :)
  4. hope you have a decent internet account with plenty of gigs
  5. Hell yeah, bandwidth would be a whore ;)

    BUT......you may become an internet star and be the most watched channel
  6. The webcam thing would probably get old fast (right about when you break a bolt head, maybe without sound so it doesn't broadcast the rainbow of expletives).

    But that is a really unheard of (by me) initiative. Having worked on lots of cars in the past (I'm not a mechanic by trade, but have helped a few friends) I've never strayed from telling them what was being done or what was needed on the car.

    Is it normal for workshops to be so open about what is required when working on bikes?

    A friend is a dealer mechanic (Ford) some of the things he tells me go on in there are often best kept out of owner's earshot. Not to mention some of the smaller workshops that i know of as well, almost all their work should be hidden from view. :eek:hno:
  7. Great idea, I'd love to learn which hammer is the right one for each job.

    Seriously though, that would be great to watch somebody working on the bike, we'd know for sure that the billed work had actually been done...
  8. Id watch it pete.....but only if it was naked !:-s
  9. You've seen me naked heaps of times. Surley its becoming borning by now?
  10. Its not boring, i stream it to Bald naked wanker.com
    I get $50 an hour, loads of people tune in.

    When your not around I use myself =D>
  11. That'd be a good idea for the owner to check up but prob not watch. I'm quite paranoid sometimes that when I take my bike in for service that nothing is being done. Maybe photos of the bike being worked on but not stream the whole thing.
    I think they had something like that for a day care once.
  12. Interesting idea Pete, and I can see the application for an owner who is away.

    Otherwise if people are that keen to see the work wouldn't it be easier for them to just hang around the shop?
  14. http://www.ustream.tv/

    You stream to them, they stream to whoever wants to look. I think its free. I've used it, seems to work well.

    You will need an ISP that doesn't charge for uploads if you want to make sure that you don't burn through your quota. Though, there are unlimited quota accounts available for business for $250pm from Telstra, I think.

    I think its a great idea, though you might find some people will sit there and time how much time you spent on their bike and if you overcharge by 5 minutes ask for a discount, or they'll call you, "Why did you stop working?" "I'm having lunch" etc. Not sure if you want those conversations. :)
  15. I'd have a look... not sure I would sit there watching the whole thing but I would definitely watch some of it... good idea though would keep a few mechanics honest if they all had to do it
  16. I think the fact that youre willing to even suggest it, makes me think i would be more likely to use your workshop because you probably arent as dodgy! I prob wouldnt watch, cos i wouldnt understand, but the ability to show me what is wrong, etc, is very appealing. Maybe instead of broadcasting the whole day, just have like an 'on air/display' time, for people to check in?
    I think its a very different idea, and sure the novelty is likely to wear off, but what a good way to differentialise your business.
  17. //off topic//

    E2W, im just curious as u seem like an honest mechanic, i have a 2008 r6 and got a 5000km service today, they slogged me $368..

    Does this seem right and whats involved with a 5k service?

    Thanks bud

    //on topic//
  18. 5k is a minor service. I would have charged 1 hours labour plus oil plus filter, would have come in around the $190ish mark. It seems that the big chain stores in Sydney and Melbourne charge 2 hours + plus oil + filter brings it it around the $360 mark. Have a look at the invoice and let me know whats recorded on it. Bet theres 2 hours labour around the $100/$110 per hour mark.
  19. should I be worried that a mechanic thinks that 6.66 is a tenth of the number of the beast? Should I require a webcam therefore to monitor his shim calculations?
  20. :eek:wned: Vote in the poll, tick the option that says wanker.