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Webbing on headers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bonneville53, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. I am going to put some black webbing on my headers to cover up some shitty looking pitting & cos I think it will look cool. I want to do it myself cos the quote at the shop was $450 which is a bit steep. Especially as I am told it is easy as bro. But I am a bit needy when it comes to working on things. So is there any must dos or must not dos on this job. The bike is a 2006 Bonneville America. Thanks for any advice. Paul

  2. It will accelerate the deterioration of your headers. You'd do better to get them plasma sprayed with an aluminium coating or paint them mate black.
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  3. I have heard that. I have also heard of a heat resistant spray on product that could work. Have you any info on this.
  4. I,ll try that today. Just a thought if the stainless is just a skin over the real header would it matter if it deteriated more under the webbing. Having said that I think a spray on Matt black would be an effective &simple solution. I let you know.
  5. It might be worth considering ceramic coating rather than wrapping.
    Here's one place that do it here in Auz, though I expect there's more.
    (I have no personal experience with the company or ceramic coated pipes in general)

  6. Well I have purchased some vht Matt black. But getting the headers off the manifold could be an issue. The bolt that holds the block onto the frame is in the way. Suppose it has to come off, what if the block slips down. What is involved re gasket when(if-haha) I go to hook the header back to the manifold. Might have to get a carton & call in the mates.
  7. Got the headers off, thanks to Tim and a borrowed 8mm Alan key
    Wasn't as scarey as some predicted
    Now have to decided if the spray job is enough or go the wack and ceramic coat
    After 5 beers am heading towards the ceramic coat, still in Matt black
    Will let you know
  8. Ceramic or plasma sprayed aluminium will last better than paint (and probably look better), but might be more sensible on new headers, not old ones with existing problems.
  9. So you say spray
  10. well I am going to spray & if it looks like shit I can get it coated. On another note - when you look inside the manifold, what looks like the valve stem is covered in like a white stuff. should I be worried.
  11. You said the headers were pitted, so I don't think it's worth spending the money for either ceramic coating or plasma sprayed aluminium coating. Save that for when you replace them, then the new ones will look good and last well.
    Just spray them and give it a couple of coats, they should look ok, but it won't last forever.

    The exhaust valve will usually have carbon deposits on the back of the head and a part of the stem, they used to be a tan/grey colour back when we had leaded petrol, I haven't pulled an un-leaded engine down to know what it looks like these days. I suspect what you are seeing is normal.
  12. sounds good. I have wet n dry sanded the headers n they have come up real good. waiting for my day off to spray them. I have been reading a book called "the old motorcycle mechanic" good read.
  13. Well I sprayed them. But I was supposed to put etching primer on first. The fcuken paint literally rubbed off. So I thought I am in a real pickle. My father used to say "when you are in a deep hole. Stop digging". So I decided to get the headers re chromed cos it was looking real messy. But the chrome shop was shut until 28/1/14. So off to auto one and I got the webbing and it was not that hard to put on and it looks cool. If there is deteriation under the webbing it will only be the chrome not the actual headers. Waiting for gaskets to come from Sydney so I can put my bike back together. Have decreased it and cleaned lots of places I wouldn't normally. It is looking a treat. Thanks for your advice - see you on the road.
  14. Well I have the gaskets and am wondering if there is a product one should use when I reconnect the headers to the cans. Thanks
  15. It's all back together. It looks cool. Lots of smoke when we started her up. There is a soft backfire when I shut her down. That wasn't there before. She looks good being clean n all. The headers with the webbing look really good
  16. I wrapped mine the other day, definitely easy, cheap and looks cool. Will probably accelerate their deterioration but don't really care, the bike is 24 years old anyway and the existing chrome is pretty rooted so they're probably not worth spending more than the $40 a roll of heat wrap cost. If they ever crap out completely I'll get a nice clean set and paint or rechrome them, but I reckon they'll be good for a few years as is. Looks 200% better than the rusty old pipes anyway.
  17. i have some pics, will try & post them. On another note a bloke told me that with the webbing the bike has 5% more power & 5% more fuel efficiency.

  18. Here's mine, crappy pic though.