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Webber: "we're a nanny state"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dirtydannyd123, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Bang on. And not just when it comes to the roads either.
  2. webber can go and get f--ked.

    maybe he should win something or a few more races before he starts telling us how australia looks from monaco.

    i was at a recent league game and he came on at half time. they interviewed him and he was full of self congratulatory comments and "figjam" attitude. he then told all the canberra supporters they needed a team song. 5 times. people were not impressed. wrong sport you muppet.

  3. Well he is good - better than you or I or one of us would be a F1 driver

    I am from the same town as him ( maybe you are as well ?) --- we constantly get shit dumped on us by means of being called "struggle town" because everyone is struggling to get enough $$$ to move into Canberra according to the Canberra residents

    I recall here on the local radio and tv they used to say he was from Canberra -- he put a stop to that and told them he was from Queanbeyan not Canberra
  4. Mark Webber truly is Australia's Greatest Sports Person. It takes courage to tell it like it is. When he gets into politics he'll definitely have my vote.

    Good on you Mark. Well done!
  5. He speaketh the truth, Victoria is a NANNY state, and getting worse,
  6. actually he lives in the UK, but don't let the facts stop you from cutting down that tall poppy :rolleyes:
  7. Can anyone find any support for Mr Webber on the MRA VIC website? I must be missing it. Please help.

  8. So the fact you don't like him dilutes the message?
    He is spot on Victoria is a nanny state.
  9. As about as spot on as someone saying 'that car has four wheels'. The only reason anyone cares that he said that is 'cos of who he is, then people are going on about it as if it's the first time anyone's said it's a nanny state, and as if he's some sort of hero going to change our lives or something.

    The news says "Webber says Vic is a nanny state", there are a few hundred people thinking sarcastically "wow webber, you catch on fast". What a smart man. Coming from wherever he lives to tell us all something we already know as if he knows better than us.
  10. That's not how the majority sees it.
    If you got up and said anything no one would give a tinkers cuss but webber has pull and when he says something people listen not just here but across the world as he is an international "celebrity" (I really hate that term).
    We are already a laughing stock with the sissy police force acting as nothing more than glorified tax collectors preaching to all about how 5 kmh over will result in world starvation and the death of kittens etc etc
    The guy said it like it is, he has influence so good on him for shoving in the government's face.The same state government who is trying to stave off bids from elsewhere.
  11. +1 Smee
  12. Maybe KRuddy will get him to replace GAYrett and get the popular vote.

    Agree with what he said though, and +1 smee.
  13. Another +1 to smee.
  14. +1 smee, that is exactly why i am glad webber has said it.

    You need a "voice" that people will listen to, he has hopefully embarassed the pollies into evaluating their road policies... in fact i vote mark join the committee
  15. +1 Smee, nothing will change though.

    It frustrates the shit out of me these draconian speed laws. Some female polly clown on the news was stating how "people that speed are so caught up in the thrill of it"... 5kph over will generate a huge thrill lol. What a joke.

    Webber is right on the money...
  16. what are we gonna do about it though?

    is say we revolt.. oh wait thats illeagal under the sedition laws ](*,)
  17. Yep.
    The only reason any one is listening is because of his celebrity.
    It doesn’t make the message any less accurate.
    As you said, “As about as spot on as someone saying 'that car has four wheels'.”
    It is that self evident, but someone who could get media attention had to say it. We have been saying it here for years now, but it hasn’t achieved a whole lot.
    Maybe a couple more people in the general populace will start to wake up (Obviously not your average 3AW listener)
    And maybe it will generate some political will on the subject and sanity will prevail. (Or maybe I will wake up from this dream and it will still be a nanny state).
  18. Only if you incite others to action, i Believe.

    Nanny country and supernanny state. But unfortunately there are obviously a lot who are happy to go along with it, because these f@#$ers keep getting elected. I think you get the government you deserve - the people need to change.

    Viva la revolution

    Oh, and agreed Smee.