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Web Used to Track Woman Who Binned Cat

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/24/web-used-to-track-woman-who-binned-cat/

    I bet she wont do that ever again !

  2. Pitchforks and lynchings.
    21st century style.
  3. Wow. Took less than 12 hours to find her.
  4. ....I hope the hoards find where she is currently hiding and put her in a fricking bin!!!.... The dumb biatch!!!
  5. I don't approve of Vigilante justice.
    As a rule.............
  6. The horrors that my old cat exposed me to are far worse than getting dumped in a bin. I used to feed the bastard, clean his litter, make his bed, give him milk when he wanted.... and the ingrate thanked me by clawing me, tearing up the curtains and one day even swiping me with his claw on the ass then running off because I told him he had to wait for his food.

    Cats are satan spawn. I reckon she should have given the stupid cat to the pound.
  7. Meh, I've put heaps of cats in bins over the years, the trick is to make sure no-one catches you.

    That's a joke BTW.

    What really got me about the story was the hypocrisy of the so called "Animal Lovers" up in arms & wanting to hurt her/put her in a bin etc. Apparently she was in protective custody.

    Are humans not also animals? Would education not be a better result?
  8. Wonder how many people's gardens that thing has pissed in and shit in, and how many people it woke at night with its fighting with other cats.
  9. agree nothing shits me more then people that let cats wonder....i don't let my dog wonder as it might hurt something be a problem, the same as cats that are out and about, although they are less likely too attack people (granted), but they still kills birds & wildlife, keep them ****ing locked up
  10. Our pets are actually one of the greatest threats to our native fauna... I think cats are significantly worse because of their agility and greater lone hunting capacity.
  11. One thing of note, this website (4chan) is amongst the websites that Aussies behind the "filter" won't be able to use. This will be banned for having content of child p0rn. It's long been a website to be cracked down on in the filter "hit list"
  12. Blocking 4chan... smmaaaarrrrrtttt move :nopity:.
  13. I don't let my dog wander either. Nonetheless, even confined to the garden, she's still managed tom catch and kill more wildlife than my five cats combined. Certainly enough to significantly affect local populations of Quendas, assorted lizards and various parrots.

    Cats get the bad rap, but dogs ain't exactly innocent. Not that you'd know it from the information that actually gets publicised.

    Regardless of that, the fact that uncontrolled cats are a problem in Australia does not justify acts of wanton cruelty. There is, for instance, no inherent contradiction in my support for the eradication of ferals and my desire to meet the local moron who's been shooting largely blameless family pets with a crossbow and leaving them to stagger home to die. I believe that the surgical extraction of a crossbow from the rectum is quite an involved procedure :twisted:.

    Besides, the case in question is in the UK, where wandering cats do not present the same problems and are far more widely (though not universally) accepted.