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Web Page Creation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DrSlug, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Hey all, just wondering what it would cost me to create my webpage into something half professional looking for my business.

    At the moment its just something a mate and i put together using frontpage when i registered the domain name, but looking now on the stat counter im getting about 10 hits a day from people looking at it from the yellowpages.com.au link, but no one is buying.

    Any one that does this as a job or knows a place to get this done would be a great help, ive got more pics we can put up but just not sure how to set it out.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Your best bet is to get an undergrad graphic design student to rework it for you. Tell them nothing fancy, just clean and professional. They'll do it for portfolio and pocket money (a few hundred?)

    Of course, if you're actually serious about making it part of your business, you'll need to get an experienced pro on the job - which costs $$$.

    Either way, depending on what you're selling, I wouldn't expect a whole bunch of Web sales. There's thigns that people like to pay for online (ie. accommodation and event bookings, auction items, CDs) and there's other stuff they prefer to see and touch before they spend.

    If your website is deliving actual visitors to your store, it's oprobably doing you a bigger favour than if you were making anonymous web sales anyway.
  3. In all honesty, I dont think the website needs to much updating.... Maybe just a little more color?
    I use macromedia to create websites but frontpage is cool for this type of stuff.

    I my humble opinion I just think the content need's to be changed a little bit & the structure of it too.

    If you want I can have a look at the content?

    P.S. Really good outcome from frontpage. Impressed.

  4. If you want to post the URL I could give you some pointers, though I am not willing to take on the actual work at the moment.

    Pointer number 1 Dump frontpage.
    Yeah it is easy to put your havnd on, but the code it produces is somewhat reminicent of Bovine Excriment.
    It will slowly bloat your page till it takes forever to download.
  5. OI! Nothing about Cowasucki's is bad enough to compare them to Frontpage! :p

  6. True, but at least the user can update content themselves without having to pay site maintenance costs, one advantage at least!!!

    DrSlug- depending on what you need done, the site could cost between $200 and $2000. To get it done professionally (I mean by a studio, not some guy working from home in between computer games) will always be expensive.
  7. being real new to the world of web creation, i found frontpage to do the trick just fine (ie. i cant be arsed learning how to use something decent :p )

    www.rmgear.com.au started with a free template that i just chopped and changed to suit my needs. theres a bunch of freebie templates around, makes it easy as pie to get a professional(ish) looking site going :grin:
  8. Like Coco says, you really should be able to get it done for nothing.
    There's a few small ISPs offering free site design, or others who will do it in exchange for putting other peoples banner ads on your page.
    Or like he says, just grab somebody elses template.
  9. Thanks for all the advise guys, ill take it on board.

    Didnt realise there were these template things out there, but i cant be bothered doing anything of it. To those that PM'ed me, ill be in touch.