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Web page addresses in Chrome

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, May 25, 2013.

  1. Okay geeks and nerds of netrider, I has question. When using the Chrome web browser, and I visit a web site or page, not all mind you, why does the full address not show up in the address/search bar? If I visit the same page using my wifes iPad, it shows, but not in my Windows 7 64 bit Chrome browser. Why is this so? Is there any way to see or find the full address? Thanks in advance.

  2. Shows fine here.
    Is this what you mean?

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  3. Yep. But if I go to, say for example, to the motorcycle news Australian site, and look at a page there, say some bike review, all it shows in the address bar is mcnews.com.au. Not the actual full address. Was wondering where to find the full page address.
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    Yeah. See what you mean with that site. Every page just shows http://mcnews.com.au/
    I've never noticed it before. Seems something site specific since IE does the same with that site.
    The other browsers you mentioned might be requesting a mobile version of the site so it might display differently in the address bar as well. Or both Chrome and IE on Windows are detected and some rule for the address bar applied.
    Could also be scripting behind it that displays every link on that site in the one page. Scripting might not work with the other devices.

  5. that's because of html frames i think.. some nerd will correct me if i'm wrong

    right click view frame source and the linky comes up at top?

    e.g. www.mcnews.com.au/tests.html
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    Righto. But if I paste this as a link, what shows up. The code, or the actual page. One way to find out I suppose :).

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  8. Cool. Tried to edit my link, but I'm obviously retarded, and have passion fingers. Thanks bloke. Now to try linking photos from Google plus.