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Weaving to warm up tires - fact or fiction?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dan, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. The only good thing I've ever found for weaving, is to start wearing in brand newie right from the dealership...
  2. Oops - better stop then :eek:
  3. I just do it to look more 'professional'.

    Anyway, cold tyres last longer!
  4. ...especially on a wet day !!!
    (at least one doesn't need to trailer the "pretzel" to the dealer for the insurance quote)
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I once read in a car racing mag that all the weaving does in heat up the side walls of the tyre with all the flexing the tyre does trying to prevent the weight transfer from ripping it off the rim :roll:
  6. But it's still lots of fun.
  7. It may not warm up the tyres, but I do it also to get into the motion :)
  8. yep....
    so keep the bike in the garage :LOL:
  9. Weaving cleans the dirt off them (I live on a dirt road) = more grip.

    But yeah, I think we already had this discussion about it not actually warming up your tyres any quicker.
  10. Bah, he's just not weaving hard enough.
  11. I weave after riding on a dirty/wet surface to scrub any crap off my tyres.

    Also weave 'hard' when I'm starting a big hills ride to make sure nothing feels funny.. I'd rather find out at 60km/h on a flat road than 110km/h on the next turn.
  12. Just dont do it in front of a cop. I'ts illegal apparently.
    At least one bloke got booked for it.
  13. whatt!! fined!!!

    for what?

    i like to do it.. its fun.. until one day when i lose grip :D
  14. I was once booked for weaving... Or dangerous driving(sic) as it was written, and sucessfully challenged it in court. My defence was dirty tyres and heat distrubution. As a Rubber Technician my own expert opinion was very helpful... Also that i never crossed out from my lane helped my cause :D
  15. well thats cool if you can dispute it.


    ill give u a call if i need to ;D!
  16. Must say it makes me laugh when I see people weaving to warm up their tyres when they have just been riding on them for say 200 k's.

  17. Excellent - so I can keep doing AND have a valid excuse (the REAL reason being I just like to do it as it feels good!) :p
  18. I only weave in front of shop windows to see how cool i am . Looks great with my matching leathers on . Then i go off to the hills and race all the P and L platers because they didn't nod .
  19. Maybe they don't nod 'cos they're preoccupied concentrating??
    I always nod 'cos it reminds me of many moons ago when I used to drive a V-Dub - and you waved at all the other V-Dub drivers..... ah the simple pleasures of youth :) Oops - that a different thread .......