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QLD Weaving down the road in your own lane

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by icestorm, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Is weaving within your own lane on a motorcycle legal?
    Its fun on a boring stretch of road, but i was wondering if a cop seen you do this could you get in trouble?

  2. Re: Weaving down the road in your own lane

    hmm. Not sure. I've certainly been told off for it, but besides a breath test and a lecture about motorcycle safety, nothing else occurred. It was night and he was driving a landcruiser stopped at an intersection to cross the road and he still had no idea why I was weaving. And then had the nerve to lecture me about safety.
  3. Re: Weaving down the road in your own lane

    A copper can book you for failing to maintain control. It happened to a rider on a ride I was leading. What a crock! Slalom clearly shows very good control. Farkin NFI's :roll:

    <By the way, moved to politics/law>
  4. i was doing this down a local street and little did i know there was a cop car sitting on the side of the road further down, he could obviously see me and i was swerving in and out pretty hard. As i noticed the cop car they had pulled out and didn't do anything about it so i was either lucky or it isn't illegal/enforced.

    Technically you have the right to use any part of your lane so it shouldn't be illegal.
  5. If you get booked for it I'd be lawyering up :\

    "failing to maintain control" - what a crock! Slaloming helps a lot for visibility and sometimes just for fun..
  6. fun is illegal in Vic
  7. There's a SMIDSY document floating around (UK authored, IIRC) which specifically recommends weaving/moving across your own lane to maximise your visibility to drivers. If you maintain a constant, steady line you stand a 'better' chance of not being seen.

    Works for me (y)
  8. dunno if it's illegal, i just told Mr Plod i was practicing emergency weaving, to keep my skills sharp, he checked my license and gave me a breath test and sent me on my way 8-[
  9. I was going to say like stewy - what if you needed to do a emergency swerve to avoid a piece of 4x2 on the road ?

    do they book you for that
  10. The same recommendation is in an RTA riders safety report/release/thing.
  11. There's a bit of a difference between gently moving from one side of the lane to the other, and whacking it from footpeg to footpeg though........

    That said, there are no specific provisions that I'm aware of. "Failure to maintain control" is a bit dubious but I can see circumstances where careless driving or one of its more serious cousins might be reasonable.

    Bottom line is, though, it can reasonably be expected to attract the attention of the constabulary and attracting the attention of the constabulary is not a wise thing to do, so keep your bloody eyes open and only do it if you're certain you're not being observed.
  12. I will do a bit of a weave when i'm coming up to an intersection to make sure that my chances of being seen are higher and i have never been told off for it - done it to a few cops pulling up to intersections and they seem to think nothing of it.

    I don't zigzag up the road for 100's of meters which i think may get you some attention....

    If you do get pulled up for it though, at least you know it worked and they have noticed you.
  13. But Occifer I was warming up my tyres...
  14. I don't know about weaving, but I recollect some guy getting booked a couple of years back for standing up on the pegs and having a stretch near the end of a long ride.....
  15. The laws in NSW state something like you must have three points in contact with the bike at all times - 2 legs and 1 hand ( one hand only in case you are doing hand signals ) and be sitting astride the bike - so I think it could be the sitting part that they got him on but I am not 100% sure if it actually says the word sitting or seated

    I will see if I can find the actual law
  16. You are correct, motolegion. It's part of the 'base' Australian Road Rules in fact.

    The best part is that the Vicroads Learner Handbook Thingy Book explicitly tells learner riders they should stand on the pegs (thus breaking the law) when riding over rough terrain.

    W.r.t swerving, I don't know of any specific law but any of the 'dangerous driving', 'failure to maintain control of vehicle', et cetera, subjective laws in conjunction with a grumpy police officer could end in misery for the rider.
  17. Don't weave on a race track, it's not permitted and most other riders don't appreciated it. It doesn't warm your tyres up and is just dangerous.

    Is it different on road? I'm not sure but you'd feel like a ******** if you binned the bike while weaving.
  18. How about knitting ? is this looked upon more favorably than weaving ?

    could crocheting be introduced as a further viable alternative to weaving ?

    I would even go further to suggest tatting
  19. Well what the **** are the MotoGP riders doing then? trying to kill ants?
  20. I've never seen ever a bike binned due to weaving, especially on a track.

    Slaloms in gymkhana courses are controlled applications of weaving. I haven't heard of that part of skills courses being considered for removal due to possible binning. Hell, tyres hold up and stick under the much higher forces in cornering... I think you'll be OK when weaving.

    Ok, so I understand that you warm up the tyres more by hard acceleration and braking, but weaving is better than doing nothing and it's also fun and reminds you to put in efficient countersteers.