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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. bbbbbbrrrrrrrrr 5 degrees in Melbourne and snowing in Heywood and Winchelsea?? You guys aren't doing much to combat your legendary reputation for weather, are you???

  2. We are trying global warming, but supposedly that will take a few hundred->thousand years before the effects really pay off!
  3. Yeah - but we can still park on the footpaths...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. You still look hot, lane splitting at 80km/hr as others sit in their cars, cursing at the traffic report.
  5. What, and come back to find the bike frozen to the spot??? :LOL:
  6. I think I would rather have a ride range of weather and temprature throughout the year than too much hot weather.
    ie. QLD.

    From what I hear though NSW weather is mostly pretty good? Or does it rain alot there?
  7. hey, you look hot on a Hornet sitting still (oops, slight bias showing there, sorry, back to your corners!)
  8. The Victoria/NSW wrangle over weather is a lot of rot, but it's good for a laugh. Near the coast we have more temperate weather with fewer extremes, but basically Victoria is further south, so it's exposed to the jetstream from west and Bass Strait, so naturally the median temps are going to be lower and rainfall more plentiful. As we suffer the worst drought in 100 years, we'd be glad of some rain!

  9. From the Bureau of Metorology site...

    Median High August Temp.

    Sydney 18.1 Melb 14.9

    Highest August Temperature recorded.

    Sydney 21.7 Melb 26.5

    Lowest August Temp

    Sydney 1.7 Melb -2.1

    Sydney has more rain overall - Melbourne has more wet days.

    Given the traffic, the time it takes to get to good riding spots, the footpath parking etc. I'd still prefer to ride in Melbourne despite the weather...

    And I'm not naturally prejudiced - I was born in Sydney :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. What!!!! statistics, how dare you do that to the eternal debate.

    Not that I care, I lived in NSW for over 9 years and prefer Melbourne by a long shot.
    If I never have to go back then I will be happy.
  11. Yes it was fricking freezing this morning and rained non-stop last night....oh for the 12 month summer that was England :(

  12. It's colder now than it was this morning. Even though it's dry put on the wets if you don't have leathers. Essentially stops the wind. Quite a bit warmer for riding. Must admit that I'll have to get a neck warmer though.
  13. Melbourne is positively tropical compared to some palces.

    A couple of the guys from the office just left for Ballarat. Temperature there is 0.4 and falling...
  14. NSW and Victoria weather ppffffffff. Give me Queensland any day , go the BRONCO'S :LOL:
  15. From The Age web site...

    Forget your umbrellas and pack your snow gear.

    Snowfalls tipped for Melbourne's CBD
    By Julia Medew
    August 10, 2005 - 10:17AM

    There is a high chance of snow falling in Melbourne's central business district at lunchtime today, the Bureau of Meteorology said this morning.

    Senior forecaster Scott Williams said the air across Melbourne and Victoria would be cold enough to produce snow in almost every area of the state over the next 24 hours, including low-lying areas at sea-level.

    "It's possible to get snow anywhere today except in the north-west of the state. So if you drew a line from Echuca (in the north) to Horsham (in the west), you could only rule out that part of the state," he said.

    The last time snow was recorded in greater Melbourne was July 25, 1986 - and the last time it was seen in the city was July 1951, Mr Williams said.

    "It's certainly the coldest air mass we've had over us for the last 20 odd years," he said.

    Melbourne's coldest day so far this winter has been July 9, when the temperature peaked at 10.3 degrees Celsius.

    Today, Melbourne's temperature has already topped five degrees Celsius, so the record for the coldest day with a maximum of 4.4 degrees - set on July 4, 1901 - won't be broken.

    AdvertisementBut with snow having already fallen in the low-lying townships of Ballarat, in central Victoria, and Colac and Winchelsea, in the state's south-west, Mr Williams said snow could fall in Melbourne any time between midday and midnight.

    "Most of the activity in metropolitan Melbourne will occur in the early afternoon. It will take a little bit of heating of the ground to release the instability to bring about showers," he said.

    "The temperatures in the showers will then fall dramatically back to four or five degrees and that's just on the border for getting a flurry of snow".

    As the snow falls through the air towards the ground, office workers perched in the higher buildings of Melbourne will have the best chance of seeing the rare sight, he said.

    "It's quite likely that, at 200 metres, the height of the Rialto, there will almost certainly be snowflakes out the window, and there's a chance that a lot of it will melt before it reaches street level," he said.

    But with the excitement of snow comes danger to road users. Mr Williams said the cold snap meant a high probability of black ice on highways this evening.

    "This afternoon and evening will be a particularly dangerous time around Melbourne, particularly on the roads leading out of Melbourne to surrounding foothills 30 or 40 kilometres from the CBD," he said.

    Mr Williams said that while the freezing temperatures were not an unusual occurrence over the past 150 years, they were an aberration in light of recent decades.

    "Against the backdrop of gradually rising temperatures globally, we haven't had many days under 10 degrees in Melbourne over the last 20 years," he said.

    The state's snow resorts have also benefited, with Mount Buller, Falls Creek and Mount Hotham all receiving at least 20 centimetres of snow overnight.

    "There will be more snow showers on all of those mountains today and tomorrow," he said.
  16. No bias here, let me assure you, I lived in Yarra Junction for nearly 4 years and apart from the (largely) unroadworthy cars and their drivers, I loved it. I'm just lucky at the moment that I live only 3 minutes away from the Macquarie Pass, but I'd love to be living back down at YJ with the Hornet!!!!
  17. It was about 0 degrees last night in and around Ballarat. Got patches of sleet and snow flurries today around the regional areas. At the moment, it's about 3 degrees and drizzling. Little bit of a wind, but not much. Still, I think I'll be driving to work today :p
  18. OT but is is Ballarat or Bendigo that has a Catholic Cathedral that is big enough to have its own postcode???
  19. Just rode through snow in Ballarat. Learned one thing, don't keep your winter gloves outside with the bike. They don't do a very good job of keeping your hands warm if they're cold to begin with - only just regained the feeling in my fingers.
  20. That's Bendigo mate. It's pretty big.

    I still ride through and around Ballarat with summer gloves on. I know, crazy. Saw a bloke riding through Brat one day in a pair of shorts. Not only is this insanely stupid because of the danger factor, but it was 5 degrees!