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weather temp

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    unsure if this is the place to ask but i just wanna get everyone thoughts on this..

    so in sydney the past few days we have seen temps of up to 34degs the humidity is crazy.. i have noticed the past 2 days travelling from SYDNEY to WOLLONGONG approx 54ks each way my bike seems to run alot more smoother and has more power in the warmer weather...
    i have had my jap import racer cars with huge INTERCOOLERS and i found they run better in the cold weather...

    just seemed really strange that my bike was running the best it ever has since i bought it new.. i am unsure if its the weather or just me thinking its the weather....
  2. Your bike may, for some reason, like the humidity. It's unlikely that high temperatures would have a positive effect.

    Back in the days of carburettors (and relatively crude ones at that), engines always went better in the cool, misty dawn, thriving on the cold, moist dense charge. I don't know what you're experiencing, but, back then, it was very perceptible.

    It meant that dawn on a bright summer morning was the best time for max speed attempts. That and the fact that half the traffic cops were in someone else's bed and the other half of them were fairly understanding if you let the perfect conditions get the better of you a bit :twisted:.
  3. Although my bike (carby) hates cold damp weather, feels like it's running out of fuel. I believe the Euro and Canadian version came with 'carby warmers'.
  4. yeh my bike still got the carbie setup.. i still have to pull the choke in the mornings for starting but for some reason when i get going the bike comes alive... also my bike is Watercooled aswell... mmmm just past 2 days seems like i have alot more power... unsure tho... all in my ginger head
  5. It's certainly very perceptible on my SR500. It feels fantastic on a cold winter's morning. There's a really crisp, full feeling to the pulses, the engine feels so much happier, smoother, and lively.

    The Honda Hornet, on the other hand, was so much nicer to ride when it had been sitting all day in the heat.
  6. a simple a/f run on a dyno will answer your question.
    your bike is probably running lean if it likes hot weather.
  7. your probably just imagining it to be quite honest. perhaps you were enjoying the ride more with the lovely weather and this positive feeling caused you to feel like your bike too was better/faster/more responsive because you were enjoying it more.
  8. i got a hornet fuel injected and it dont like moist cool air runs rough.
  9. thats what i am thinking lol