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Weather looks good 2morrow

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Pariah, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. So whoes heading out on the bike tomorrow and where?
    it's going to be a beautiful day, cant let it go to waste........

    i'll be up the Black Spur for sure as will many others i bet :D

    wouldn't mind a trip down the GOR, but i'll wait for a nice weekend so i can stay overnight down there.

    So whoes going where and why?

  2. Probably not going far - maybe a nice M'ton Peninsula ride this time. Not quite as cold, or as far, as the Yarra Ranges. And I think my girlfriend might have some other plans for 2moro. ;)

    If anyone wants to ride down the Peninsula though, let me know.
  3. [MELB] Weather looks good 2morrow

    That'd be a first wouldn't it????


    Hope it's fine there, have got a nice ride planned for tomorrow here too. Going to be about 19 degrees!!
  4. To much paper work to do tomorrow to go and play :( :( .
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  6. I don't get home from til tomorrow lunch time and I haven't seen the family for two days and my little girl misses me so spend some time with her. What's the weather going to be like on Sunday :?: If good it could be on the cards.
  7. According to the met bureau:

    Few showers developing. Min 10 Max 15

    So-so, in other words...
  8. Bummer :(
    Can't go and get the Duke wet now can I :?
  9. You're a latte-swilling poseur, you know that? :LOL:
  10. Not Latte's Gromit just double Espresso Long Blacks. But hey if you got it flaunt it I say :p
  11. You were right, it was good today! Eaglemont to Kinglake, back to Kangaroo Ground, over to Yarra Glen then back to KG and home again. Gee that CB loves to be reved and leant over. Had an absolute blast. Stuff all cars holding me up, sun shining and cops seeming to not want to ruin their day by having to book people for speeding. Great arvo all round I'd say. :D :D
  12. hey Seany, see my separate post for a good ride today up here too!
  13. Gee, gromit, don't hold back, tell us what you REALLY think!!!!
  14. Weather here today was terrible for riding, wasn't raining but the wind was gusting strongly in seemingly random directions which does not make for good conditions on a small bike. Had to take the car for a spin instead, though this was just as fun.
  15. Well, I had to take care of family commitments today. Mrs Rc and I visited some friends down the coast and just kicked back and it was great. Was quite cool here today, we've been spoilt by some almost Spring weather.

    Forecast looks good for tomorrow, around 20 degrees and still so will dust off the helmet tomorrow and hit the road for a long ride, probably up the mountains and back.

    I can't wait.