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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Hey all...

    OK, looked at the Radar again.

    1. the rain intensity has broken up
    2. Clouds/rain has travelled some 200+km in three hours.
    3. Over Adelaide so if we assume 300km cloud cover, 400km from Melbourne as the crow flies, 50km/hour of travelling speed, then it will be past Melbourne in about 14 hours....
    4. Ride leaves Torquay at 11:00am, 19 hours from now.
    5. Ride weather will be perfect!!!!!!!
  2. I have the impression your quite keen to go sir skuffy.
  3. Hey MLC,

    Yes, I have been looking forward to it... I rescheduled MANY things to be on this ride..... Also, last time I checked we were not made of cardboard and we are capable of getting a little wet.

    ALSO, I dont have email at home... I dont even have a phone at home... So, I will not know if it is cancelled.....
  4. You got linky?
  5. Sir Skuffy,

    I see that Bob is going to make the final decission at 10:00 tonight. Do you have a mobile? If so PM me the number and I will SMS you with the decision. I voted to go but last time I looked the vote was even at 5 and 5 with 3 going with the majority. It would be a shame if we droped from around 20 to 8 (if the ride goes ahead).
  6. Actually, as I said, I have been watching the weather patterns for about 37 hours now....

    Wind is causing a spiral effect and rotating cloackwise in a South easterly direction. THe latest cload patten is showing it getting wider but less intense. That implies (basic physics) that the wind is breaking things up a little. The more it breaks up, the harder the wind. Thus, the harder the wind, the quicker it gets blown over... It is currently blowing a gale out there.

    So, tell me, what is Jason like, is he cute.... :p
  7. I've gotta drop out Peoples.... the price of the repairs to my bike I've been left a little light so I'll have to pass.... Sorry Everyone...:(:(