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Wearing Transition glasses under helmets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by intrasonic, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I'm a newbie but I've found so much great info and advice here. I've done a search but can't find a thorough answer. I'm aware that it's quite possible to wear prescription glasses under a suitable helmet.

    My question: do transitions/photochromatic glasses work properly under helmet visors? Do normal helmet visors block the UV light that is needed to make transitions work?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. shrugs dont know about the glasses but I am working on the transition visor for my range of helmets
  3. I know the standard shoei visor will filter UV. I use a visor insert that works in a similar fashion to the transitions lenses and it doesn't go dark unless I leave the visor open.
  4. my photochromic polaroids don't like my shark visor. almost trippy with them on. try it and see is about the only option.
  5. Preferably without getting on a bike, of course :p.
  6. Ive got a set of photochromic glasses, and they are useless unless the light is directly hitting them.
    In my helmet with the visor up, they may tint maybe 5% - not even enough to notice, as they are in shadow, not direct light.

    Really only useful for me if im riding home of an afternoon into the sun, and then they arent really dark enough and i put my regular sunnies on, plus the tinted visor.

    The ones i have are:
    Model Number: FC02

    edit: wrong model number
  7. I've got photochromic glasses and have no problem with my visor, but I've never actually checked whether they darken on a sunny day....maybe the fact that the visor is filtering UV means that you don't need the lenses to be so dark...dunno.
  8. I have transitions lenses and they work fine with the clear visor on my KBC helmet. They don't however work in the car.
  9. Girlfriend uses transitions under her shoei with the standard visor and they still work perfectly fine.
  10. Actually just read under my own link:
    So i was right, but the info of the fact was right there to be read ;).
  11. I wear rudy project photocromic sunnies under an arai helmet and they work fine.
  12. I used to have transitions, but they are a poor substitute for prescription Polaroids. I never noticed any difference when wearing them under my helmet

    the Polaroids, on the other hand, turn white cars a delicate shade of pink :LOL:
  13. im pretty sure my glasses dont darken. But it doesn't matter - my dark visor is plenty to stop the glare.

    Good thing about these glasses is you can open your visor and still be protected by glare.
  14. I wear photochromic sunnies and they do darken with the visor open no issue here.
  15. Thanks for the responses. Sounds like it varies depending on brand. Proper prescription polarized sunglasses sound great, but I've got some store credit to use at a particular optometrist and I don't think they do polarized lenses.

    Day, may I ask which particular KBC helmet you have? I just bought last years KBC Tarmac but don't have any transition lenses to test with :(
  16. It should. This sort of stuff is farmed out to a lab, anyway.

    In any case, I concur with the rest. I've had "transition" lenses in my specs since 1975. I've never had any issues with visors with the exception when wearing dark visors and the glasses themselves are slow to lighten when the visor's closed.

    These days I just use a clear visor. The glasses make up for the sunlight.
  17. In this day and age if an optometrist didn't "do" polarized lenses (with no particular reason as to why) I'd be wondering if I'd be better off going elsewhere!
  18. I also thought about getting 'transitions' but was told they need UV rays to work.
    I have a Shoei XR1100 & the spes on the sheild say it blocks 99% of UVA & UVB rays.
    I guess they won't work with my Shoei.
  19. Probably not.

    Not sure whether my HJC clear visor does the same or not, but it doesn't matter for me. I prefer prescription glasses for driving/riding/spectating (I have mild myopia, enough to be annoying but not bad enough that I MUST wear glasses thankfully), so I get mine with the transition coating plus the anti glare for night riding anyway. 1 pair that does the lot is much easier than carrying 2-3 pairs around. lol :)
  20. i had a good pair of glasses till the other day ,i did head check and found out there is a huge blind spot ,it was the frame of glasses..so i went a bought a pr with no frame.funny how little things can stuff us up