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wearing sunnies under a helmet - dangerous?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by transit, May 7, 2006.

  1. Hey all, do many people here wear sunglasses under their helmet?

    Anyone reckon this is dangerous in case you come off and the glasses break causing shards to possibly damage your eyes? I have a clear visor (no tint) and wear sunnies underneath but someone recently suggested this may be dangerous... any thoughts on this from others?

    PS: my helmet is an Arai Quantum Kevin Schwantz race replica which was manufactured in January 1993. Is this considered an 'old' helmet and does anyone think old helmets may be unsafe? It has never been dropped so i'm assuming it should be ok.
  2. Not sure about the sunnies thing but I do know that the shock absorbent foam in a helmet goes hard after a time so you're suppose to replace after 5 years. My brother has an old HJC that is so hard on the inside that if you wore it you would be safer with a brick sticky taped to your head. Needless to say he doeasn't wear it any more.
  3. This subject comes up on a regular basis ( once every 12 mths or so :cool: )

    and your going to get all sorts of answers, I need to wear glasses so i can bloody see the chicky babes ... oh and the traffic around me as well :LOL:

    I wear either my sunnies or regular glasses "both prescription" under my helmet, and the biggest problem is the arms bending if you not paying att when feeding em in past the foam and over your ears.

    I've had a couple of offs with em in ( eer der ) :LOL: and have shatters the visor on at least one occassion, and didn't damage the glasses in any way.
    My view is this .......... I need to see to ride !!! and in fact the glasses sit back behind the rim of the helmet... so if your going to damage the glasses/sunnies your subjecting your helmet to MAJOR dynamic forces and in that case I recon damaged glasses are going to be the least of my worries :p
  4. I believe you can buy shatterproof sunglasses from motorcycle or safety supply shops. Id be more worried if you were wearing normal glasses with an open face helmet.
  5. If you don't have a tinted visor then sunnies is the safest option. Otherwise the girls will spot you perving on them at the lights. :wink: :LOL:

    I've heard that plastic lenses are better than glass as they're less likely to shatter and get in your eye, but I've crashed with both types and still have two eyes. :)
  6. I wear regular polaroid sunglasses from the chemist under my helmet.

    My eye specialist has lead me to believe that both my perscription glasses and any sunglasses, if they have plastic lenses should be pretty safe under my helmet in case of an accident.

    She gave me the impression that the majority of optomitrests now only perscribe plastic lenses (and i know that OPSM mainly dispenses plastic lenses) because they are safer and much harder to damage.

    If your worried get a tinted visor and if you wear perscription glasses, maybe look into switching to contact lenses.

  7. I wear polaroid tinted prescription sunglasses; I'm in the same boat as BOb, I don't have a choice about wearing glasses.

    I don't know about accident damage though; if I had an impact strong enough to break the glasses under my helmet, I think I'd have more to worry about than my eyes.....
  8. I would go with the sunnys personally as I have been caught out at night with a tinted visor and it makes it very hard to see.

    I have also had a pretty big off with sunnys on totally trashed my helmet and the glasses where fine, they were glass lenses to :wink:
  9. I wear sunnys under mine, as does Husband - he wears the light safety sunnys that work give him, mine also have plastic lenses. Seems fine.

    I don't want to offend, but your helmet is now 13 years old, if it were me I would be looking for a new one, especially if you wear it a lot.
  10. Bingo - wore glasses for ten years and contacts for last twelve. The peripheral vision improvement is unbelievable. I wouldn't hesitate recommending contacts to anybody on the roads especially at night.

    In regards to sunnies, I use Smiths Interchangeable lenses. Great stuff and I have two models - for three years (Diablo) and for one year (Empire). They come with three shatterpreoof lenses and I like using the orange ones at night as well as during rainy cloudy days. Got them both of eBay for less than half the local price
  11. I have a tinted visor & still need to wear sunnys as well to see (when the suns out that is :roll: damn melbourne weather) anyhow, do need to remember to change to the clear visor at night or can't see much at all :(
  12. You know what I would like? goggles for full faced helmets, I love having the visor up and feeling the air and smells adds another level to the ride, but having crap whack in your eye does not sound good, any one make such a thing?
  13. I would replace it if it was me. If you are finding the $ for a top line Arai or Shoei hard to find then you could try a HJC CL14. They meet Snell and DOT and Australian standards and are available on special at various places for between $199 and $249 at the moment (down from the RRP of $349).
  14. Choppers sunnys mate just as good as googles they even have the strap for your head and they are vented so they dont fog up (unless its damn hot) I have two pairs and I reckon their great :)
  15. Rudy Project make all sorts of glasses that are bullet proof, literally!
  16. A helmet that has never been dropped or taken a significant knock in 13 years?? Isn't that alittle optimistic??

    I would replace your helmet most definately. Helmets have come along way in 13 years and i think you would find a $300 KBC, AGV, HJC etc would be better built, and just as safe as your Arai would have been brand new, maybe even more so.

    Plus there is nothing better then the feel of a new helmet once it has 'bedded' in.

  17. is it possible to tape your sunnies to the outside of your helmet??? i reckon that would look COOL

  18. awsome! thanks mate! :grin:
  19. I prefer sunnies to tinted visors. It's a lot easier to take sunnies off when it gets dark than it is to carry/ change a visor. Also, when I get to a town, I like to put the visor up to get a bit of air on my face and sunnies keep the bugs out of my eyes. I've never heard of anybody who has suffered eye damage from glasses unless they were glass lenses and they were wearing an open face helmet.
  20. Hmmm, sounds like that's what my lid is doing now. I've got some fine black stuff coming out of the vents at the bottom of the helmet. Looks like i'll have to invest in a new helmet as it looks like the foam stuff is perishing.

    Thanks for the advice. I think i will get a new one. Any tips on a good helmet to buy these days? Arais were the ducks nuts back then as Shoei's were a bit out of favour but looks like they've made a comeback.

    Thanks Josh, i think i'll take your advice. I paid a motza for my helmet at the time (about $600 in 1993) and always looked after it well. I rode for about 4-5 years, lost my license, sold the bike (ZXR750) and put my helmet away in the cupboard. I bought another bike recently and pulled the helmet out of storage to find the black stuff coming out the vents.

    Thanks people for all the advice about sunnies. I don't wear normal glasses, just sunnies so i was curious about the safety aspect. Sounds like it's a safe thing to do. I don't want to get a tinted visor - as some people have mentioned, riding at night would be harder. I prefer a clear visor, i just need to block the sun during the day.