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Wearing in new bike clothing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PeterPorker80, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I got a new jacket and back protector recently. I also had a new pair of gloves that I hadn't started wearing yet. Took all these out for the first time yesterday for the ride home and it was sooo painful.

    The jacket was comfortable enough (despite the back protector); just need to get used to range of motion til it loosens up at points of movement.

    The gloves were terrible though... no tactile feel of the handle bars. It felt so rigid... I didn't have the same feeling of connection with the throttle. Also, my index finger was numb after my 40 minute commute. Weird.

    How do you guys break in new gloves? Until this happens, it's not really fun riding at the moment. Possibly even a bit dangerous.
  2. Wear them around the house. Mine were never that bad though. Do they actually fit you?
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  3. +1 for wearing them around the house. So much fun trying to type with gloves on! It took a while for my gloves to become nice and soft to where they are perfect for riding.
  4. You could try some leather conditioner. But, personally I've never bought a pair of gloves that felt how you describe. I've tried some on that were like that, but didn't buy them.

    Sounds like @Aly could be on the money and the gloves don't fit you properly.
  5. They do fit me well (better than the larger or smaller size). This is my first pair of gloves w/ knuckle protectors though I think it may be that.
  6. Could also be the brand of glove. If there a cheap pair they may have the leather too thick on the palm area instead of using sliders. I noticed as soon as bought a branded pair I had better feel of the grips. You do need to break them in but so plenty of heat and wear them around the house
  7. My winter gloves were comfortable from the start, my summer gloves took a ride or two to mould into shape and become comfortable. But they were never bad like you say yours are, control feel was OK, no numbness or pain.
  8. let me break them in for you
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  9. ^^^^ I wouldn't....
  10. Oh Jesus,, I totally sympathise with gloves... I've had about 15 pairs in just two and a half years of riding.
    fitment issues, really small hands.
    as for pain tho that sounds strange, could be the knuckle protectors are cutting in?
    I have a vented summer pair of dry riders on on one hand the protector digs in more than the other, a bit annoying, marginally painful.
    numb fingers are either the length may be a bit short or you're gripping the bars too tight with stress.... relax your hands
    the lack of tactile feel is something you should get used to, but I understand that can be disconcerting for a while.
    Definitely wear them around the house. If you cant fully splay your fingers and flex from your palm then maybe they are too small as well..(does that make sense)
    time will tell they will mould to the shape of your hand too..if they fit properly, and before you know it they will fit like a pair of gloves :)

    all these are potential issues and without seeing them on it's difficult to be sure.
  11. Good gear doesn't require breaking in. You've got the wrong fit for your hands.
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  12. wrong hands for the gloves
  13. If the glove don't fit, you must acquit
  14. buddy theres no point buying or even wearing gloves that are'nt designed to work if called apon to do so.
    shit gloves will disintegrate intantly on contact with the road. not much benefit in that now is there. so why bother wearing them then you ask. fcuked if i know. maybe you're just a mong.
    knuckle protectors should be floating on their own panel to allow freedom of movement. if not, you bought yourself some shit gloves.
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    My last two pairs (Berik KCT GP Race) have been constructed using kangaroo hide which is stronger than cow hide allowing them to be thinner thus greater tactile feedback. The down side is they ain't as warm in winter but at least they start and remain comfortable though their life (nearly 2 years out of my previous pair). Besides, a pair of thermal or silk under gloves solve that problem.

    At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and many cheaper gloves remain uncomfortable and/or ain't up to the task if ever called upon (crash). You could try the leather conditioner route to see if they soften up but if they're cheap and nasty, heed the adage - "No matter how much you polish shit, it never shines". Action Motorcycles (Parramatta) have a run-out sale on Joe Rocket GP gloves at $50 a pair. This was stock purchased from The Motorcycle Warehouse (Narellan) when they shut down last wear and represent a descent quality glove at a cheap price (nearly a ΒΌ of their original price).
  16. Wtf? Dude, that's random. The internet continues to be a weird and wonderful place thanks to you.

    MT1's assumption on their sh1tness (or my mong-ness) aside, I see what makes it hurt my index finger. One of the seams presses against a vein on my index finger when I'm gripping the handlebars. The glove fits better now except for that. After a ride, it feels like I've had a band-aid wrapped around the finger too tightly and it's numb. Will keep wearing.
  17. Wear them to bed.
    When you wake up they'll be as comfy as pajamas (if you wear them) or feel like you have nothing on.