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wearing in a new tyre

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by halifax, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    It has just been pointed out to me my tyre is nearing the end of its life!

    I'll be doing a track day in a month or two so am planning on buying a new rear tyre asap so it is worn in for the day.
    My riding is sports road riding i guess i.e. i dont tour on it.
    I'm running pilot power tyres at the moment which are good and i'll probably use them agaion unless someone recommends something better???

    My main question though is that i've heard acetone can be used to wear in the tyre quickly as it removes that slippery surface which is on the tyre when it is bought. Has anyone done this, does it work?

    In principle ive got no issue in wearing the tyre in by leaning a little more every corner, but i dont want to hit a slippery spot on the track that hasn't been worn in! Anyone else got any other cure besides acetone?
  2. Ive used it to clean some oil and wd40 off my rear, worked a treat and might of had a placebo effect because im sure it felt like there was more grip.
  3. If you're buying a new year now and doing a track day in a month or so, I don't see a problem. Make sure you do a few decent rides and it should be fine.

    Actually since you are in Sydney go and do the putty road with the new rear that should scrub it in just fine.
  4. I'll scrub it in for you :grin:
  5. My mech uses liquid buffer to rub off the compound. Then just warm up the tyres with a 10-15 minute gentle ride, followed by hitting up twisties. Start off slower than normal and importantly avoiding accelerating on out of corners. Repeat for a while, then start powering on a bit out of corners. Doesn't take long to wear them in.
  6. acetone is perfect for your purpose. That is what the roadracers use.
  7. I use acetone to clean rubber printer/photocopier rollers. Don't see any reason why it won't work on a tyre. At the very least you'll have awesome traction on paper :p
  8. Pfft, seriously dude, just go ride your bike up some decent twisty road.

    Even if you dont get to the edge of your tyre before your track day to are not going to go out in the first session and and be running it on the side wall.

    You will lean it more as the day goes and any unused tread will be soon be scrubbed in after a couple of sessions.
  9. about 50km of twisty roads should do it. then keep them frest til trackday. :)
  10. 50km's :shock: :shock: :? :?

    That's 10 laps of PI ffs.......

    New tyre at the island is ready to go after two gradual building laps, possibly less, depending on the rider.

    Don't stress about your new tyre, get it at the track on the morning of your ride day and have a spankin' fresh tyre to destroy.
  11. I agree, Triway. Mine are nicely scrubbed just going from Moruya - Mogo, which is 17kms. Tyre scrubbing is over rated IMHO.
  12. I read a few years ago that you should take it easy for about 200k to bed the tyre in.
  13. That's just bullshit.
  14. Sums up your reading knowledge then doesn't it?
  15. Charming.
  17. i fitted new hoops to my R1 on friday. the blokes at the shop wiped solvent on the tyres to reduce the waxy substance, and away i went. just took it easy taking the tyre over to the edge the first couple time, then job done. under 15km.
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    That has more to do with stooooopid rider than new tyre....... :wink:
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    Your right, he was stupid enough to buy a Gixxer :LOL: