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wearing contacts while riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by come_down, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. hi there,

    WHen i got my eyes tested years ago i was told i am okay to drive without any corrective lenses, any worse and i'd have to wear glasss or contacts while on the road. since then however i'm sure my eyesight has become slightly worse (i'm going for checkup this week). I never ride with my glasses on because the frames aren't flexible enough and i've never had any problems but now i feel that its safer to have some sort of corrective eyewear on while riding, especially because rider need to be extra aware of surroundings.

    I've never worn contact lenses before, but i guess i'd have to with the helmet on. which brings me to the main point of this post...

    Quite often i flip up the visor to talk to fellow riders at the lights etc, in peak hour and going speeds under 60km/h i just tend to leave it up if we are going to stop and the next light and communicate anyway. this makes my eyes feel "gritty" sometimes and they can get really dry. how do contact lenses behave under the same conditions? will my eyes feel extra gritty if crap goes in my eyes? will the contacts dry out and stick to my eyeballs?

  2. Not for me - by blinking you are lubricating the lenses - you will get grit in your eye with conatcts in or not - if anything the contacts will offer some protection from grit.

    I wear Smith sunnies pretty much all the time and they have interchangeable lenses.

    Today, however, forgot the sunglass case with the orange lenses and had to ride back at night so just the visor. When visor/flip up, while ridng I found that I had tears in my eyes after a while but nothing close to being gritty.

    Modern day contacts are pretty light - a few sheets of glad wrap thick and I have worn them for about 15 years with no issues. Find an optometrist who bulk bills and get your eyes checked NOW and every two years for free.
  3. have worn both glasses in my helmet and contacts.
    never experienced grittiness upon leaving the visor up, and the lenses have never stuck to my eyeballs.

    i dunno why you cant get your glasses in to your helmet??
  4. Worn contacts since 89 and they are the best things since sliced bread. I have a backup pair of glasses but don't wear them riding, too much of a hassle under a full face helmet. The benefits of good sight and no glasses to fog up outweight all other considerations for me.
  5. First of all, welcome to the forums mate!

    Regarding the contact lenses, i asked a similar question about spectacles + helmets and most of the guys suggested contact lenses. Since then i've tried on a few helmets and I found that there are helmets that easily fit your head and the spectacles!

    Heres the link to the post i made:
  6. One of the benefits of wearing contacts is that no matter which way you look, your vision will always be in focus. With glasses, if you're like me, when you look sideways, sometimes, your scarf, or neck warmer, or even just a thick neck will restrict how far you can turn your head. So, you're tending to rely more on peripheral vision, and hence when you turn your eyes, they're out of focus as the glasses aren't in the line of vision. With the contacts in, things should stay in focus.

    That's one issue.

    With regards to dry eyes and irritation, this can be a problem for some, as it is for me. I have difficulty wearing lenses in A/C environments and where I work where it can be dusty. So, for that I use comfort drops (almost drink the stuff).

    If I have an airy lid, or on a hot day, then I have problems with dry eyes. But every so often when we stop for fuel or a breather, in go the comfort drops.
  7. Contacts are the go, as for the drynes they got drops for that. The only time contacts stuck to my eyeballs was when i fell asleep with them in...
  8. I have been wearing contacts for years and never had a problem beyond the normal sort of drying out (especially when I'm tired).

    I don't wear glasses when I ride as I find I get the 'double fog' effect :?
  9. I had contacts for 6 months. BEST vision improvement, 20-20 in both eyes from rather worse than that and glasses don't come close. everytime there's a ghust of wind even on my pushbike they'd get dust under them and hurt like fudge. they always hurt a bit anyway. eventually, i decided that i could have bad vision in exchange for not having the trouble...
  10. I know what you mean... even with that syntax.

    I'm still trialling contacts got me some disposable types and the improved vision is fantastic. Especially reading highway signs in time enough before the turn offs and street names - I can read street names once again. But I do find contacts to be a bit of a hassle, especially after checking the bike before a ride, going to the bathroom to put on contacts and then sticking a great big blackened finger in my eye.

    About the pain from dust and drying contacts, just blink a lot and carry a little bottle of eye drops. I tend to lift the visor at lights too but not completely close it after riding away, at least the visor covers the top half of the face. I can still shout out the bottom of the visor and have a little bit of wind protection for the eyes.

    Having the ability to see futher ahead and more clearly helps me read traffic conditions better and makes my riding safer. Another down point I get tired eyes at night - more drops!!
  11. for me riding with the visor up is very risky. I am constantly getting stuff in my eyes.
    The other thing is with contacts you get more light sensitive too. A tinted visor is a must for me. I cant ride during the day without it, unless it is exceptionally overcast.

    I lurrrrveee contacts though :grin:
  12. I also wear disposable contacts on the bike. I didnt like wearing glasses cause i ended up with multi reflections of lights and i wouldnt have correction when i wore my sunnies (dont have a tinted visor)

    The contact specialist i see recommended some single use drops for when my eyes get dry, they are called Bion Tears (green box, made by Alcon). These ones have a healing stuff in them, so if i get a bit of something in my eye, it should help. They put 5 single use containers in a foil pack, so the healing stuff is only good for 5 days after you open the foil, but the anti dry eye stuff is good until the use by date. Ive only just started wearing contacts again after at least six months, so dry eyes has been a big problem, but these drops are great.

    Speak to your optometrist about the contacts and mention that you ride (Some brands of lenses are better for dry eyes then others)

    Good luck.

  13. wow thanks for the informative replys guys. i'm going to get contacts asap :)
  14. I had same problem. The only reason I bought shoei helmet is because the glasses slide in thru the foam and onto ears with such an ease. Every other helmet I tried was terrible at this. Either the glasses would bend to the point where i think it'll break or end up "fishing" for my ears for 2-3 minutes.

    Sorry to go off topic, if ever so slightly ;)
  15. On the subject...
    I just thought I'd recommend this company for contact lenses

    They are the cheapest I have ever seen
    (Think a quarter of the Australian price)

    (order via the USA site, not the Australian 'Clearly Contacts' site, its cheaper)

    And you DONT need to give them your script (laws dont require it for orders outside the USA)
    They usually takes less than a week to arrive

    And a really cheap place to get glasses and new lenses for your glasses is:

    I have used both these companies numerous times; you just need a credit card
  16. That site doesnt have my contacts but the guys i use are www.netoptical.com.au and they are very good too.