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wearing bike jacket when not riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CityEnd, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. hey all

    I was just wondering if any of you wear your bike jacket when you're not riding?

    coz i was riding this morning, but had a few things I needed to do in the afternoon which required a cage. My bike jacket was so comfortable i was temped to continue wearing it even tho i was driving in a cage, but thought it would look weird wearing a bike jacket even though I'm not riding.

    so is it ok to wear a bike jacket without riding, or is it a big no no? and will you get dirty looks from people who think you're a try hard?


  2. Do whatever you feel comfortable with dude, who gives a fcuk what anyone thinks :D
  3. I found driving in my bike jacket a tad stiffling with all the amour & stuff :D
    But wearing it shopping - got heaps of comments how good my hair looked considering I'd just got off a bike :p

    ps - there was a very practical reason I was wearing it whilst not on the bike ........ really :oops:
  4. I find that I get too hot when I'm wearing my motorcycle gear and I'm not riding, so I tend to avoid wearing it other than when I'm riding. :D
  5. Anyways im pretty sure youll get a better reception from the netrider community than those of us who wear our beach gear riding :LOL:

    Though it wouldnt surprise me if you being super protected whilst doing your shopping is somehow adversely affectting them :p
  6. Just remember NOT to lane split :)
  7. What in the car in traffic, or in the supermarket?? :LOL:
  8. Or lean into the corners - tend to get some funny looks from other car drivers :D :LOL:
  9. And don't yell out "stupid cagers" through the window at the lights!
  10. Or drawl over that Red Ducati thats just pulled up next to you at the lights ...... keep forgetting haven't got the helmet on & they can see me :oops: :D
  11. lol, i love this topic.....back to the easy going discussions!

    i say wear it. bike jackets look cool, alot of em have cool designs which you just can't find on a normal jacket. plus the quality is much higher........and you never know when you need that extra protection! :)
  12. I say wear it... you know it makes you 20% cooler and at least 10% tougher :)

  13. I must say that I do like the sound of leather creaking. And that I have worn a motorcycle jacket without the protective armour in it, in the past.
    There is a degree to which it is protective in that people seem less inclined to mess with you. 8)
  14. Is that all? Did you buy your jacket from a pawn shop or something?
  15. excellent first post
  16. Thanks all for your comments (with the exception of bikeraper :p ), I don’t think I’ll pick the bike jacket to wear out, but if I happen to ride before hand and still have the jacket on then I don’t see why not :)

    I do agree that bike jackets are top quality stuff

    P.S. did my first knowledged nod at a set of lights to a fellow rider on a blue r1 today, damn that bike was hot. :D
  17. I wear mine to work sometimes, if its cold enough. I don't care what anyone else thinks - I like it, its comfortable and its the only half-decent jacket I own.
  18. Wear your helmet too. That way no one will know who the dork is. lol
  19. When I was out looking at bikes last it was raining, so I had my jacket on. Jumped in the car and didn't bother taking the jacket off, and discovered it's actually quite comfortable to drive with the jacket on - the back protector makes the seat more comfy :)
  20. The other day, I had to move my car out into the street to get the bike out. Started her up and then looked in the rear view mirror and then realised - full leathers and helmet. I felt like Peter Brock!! Boy I felt really safe. I feel that bike jackets for social wear in the cage look a bit dorky.