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Wearing a suit, and dirt roads for a city bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by stovellp, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm considering going for a license and getting a bike, and I wanted to say that this forum has been very helpful - it's answered a ton of questions I had around costs and what's involved, as well as questions I wouldn't have thought to ask. Thanks a lot!

    I have a couple of questions about how the day-to-day usage of a motorbike:

    1) If you wear a suit to work (assume pants, shirt, tie, jacket), how do you go about taking your bike to work? Do you carry the clothes with you and change when you arrive, or do you wear them underneath your gear? Or do you just take the bus on those days? :)

    2) Are road bikes such as the CBR250RR generally safe for riding on dirt roads once in a while? As an example, I'd like to be able to ride it to visit my parents on a farm via a fairly normal dirt road once a month. Would the bike just need a little cleaning once I got home or could the flying gravel/rocks do a lot of damage?


  2. Can't really answer the first question, but in regards to dirt roads if its just a standard gravel road it will be fine. If its a bit rough and rutty you might have issues with vibration cracking fairings, and your fork seals will probably wear a bit quicker, but usually you can just slow down a bit and everything should be ok.
  3. ive seen a CBR on a dirt, and it was funny as shit!
    matchstick came with me on a ride through about 80kms of dirt north of lithgow.
    all im going to say is that at the end of it, his rear fender had dropped out of the subframe :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    then theres the issue of cleaning it afterwards.... (engine, radiator, chain, fairings, the list goes on.)
    the more i ride the VTR, the more i realise its more like a dropped motard than a sports bike. it doesnt mind the dirt at all.
    i always keep my uniforms at work, they get creased too easily if they sit in a bag.

  4. +1 - naked bikes like the VTR are probably a bit better on dirt roads, they've got a bit more clearance. They're generally better all round too, if you ask me.

    I used to have a suit job. What I did was leave my suit on a hanger at the office, or just leave the jacket over the back of my chair. You can wear a shirt and tie under your gear and chenge when you get to work.
  5. Depends on the bike. A "little" faired bike is going to get hammered, due to it's light weight and it's effect on sprung vs unsprung weight. Also, the more "race replica" the bike is, the higher spring and damper rates are going to be, and both of these are bad when you need soft, compliant suspension.
    My GTR doesn't mind dirt at all, long suspension travel (for a road bike), high weight, 18" front wheel and good clearance mean it's adequate for occasional dirt roads, but I am not talking fire trails! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Short distances on dirt once a month will be fine on a road bike.

    My Dad has ridden his Harley to his folks sheep station, I've ridden my previous GS500 on that same road. My SV1000S's have seen the odd dirt road. I don't like to do it, but it can be done.

    You just have to take it easy, I found the rake on the front forks must be all wrong for corrugations, it gets pretty rough. And sand is no fun at all on a big heavy road bike :)
  7. Thanks all, the roads aren't that rough (not exactly off-road, just not a regular road) so it sounds like if I take it slow and careful it should be alright. Sounds like I'll have to take the bus on suit days though :)
  8. Leave your jacket, tie and shoes at work. Pants and shirt under riding geat is OK.

    CBR250RRRRR on a dirt road...take it easy and avoid it if it is a bit greasy. Road bikes can negotiate plenty of average surfaces if required. They just don't do it as well as dirt bikes.
  9. Well heres my favorite subject atm.... DIRT!! :grin: yep i ride down a dirt road every morning to get to work, only about 600m long thou, but it's still fun.....so yep i agree with loz naked rock on dirt, well as good as a road bike can be on dirt i surpose..... if you you want all around bike get naked and take it anywhere if you want something that will chew up the tarmac get a race rep/sports bike. In saying that before made the switch to naked bikes, i had a thundercat (fully faired road bike), and i would say it was almost as good as the sv on dirt (was a fairly heavy bike) felt very stable/balanced ever at slightly higher speeds on the dirt road, only i was a bit more carefully on the dirt due to the $$$$ that surround the frame and didn't want to scratch it :LOL:

    Like others have said, leave your suits at work :)
  10. learn by example grasshopper!


  11. bonox thats great.. where did you find that little beauty of what looks to be a road :grin: :wink:
  12. I do this every day now.

    2 x Jacket, trousers, shoes left at work. Take em to the dry cleaners every fortnight, no need to drag everything around with ya.
    SPARE shirt,jocks,socks,tie at work as well.

    change at work.

    Wouldn't want to put a hole in that Zegna suit now would we!
  13. you can find lots of interesting little detours in nsw national parks ;)
  14. Spot on and get a short hair cut so you can run a bit of gell through it. I now also shower at work to defrost on cold days and so I don't smell on hot days. 30+ degrees you are going to sweat.
  15. And one of those oil filled heaters is perfect for dryinggloves!
  16. Or do what I did and get some waterproof ones!