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Wearing a shirt and tie.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmythehuman, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I have to wear a shirt and tie, (including trousers and suitable shoes) to work.

    Not so sure i can bve bothered taking all my kit seperately to work, wearing leathers and getting changed when i get there.

    What would be ideal is safety gear that goes over my clothes, wear my boots and change into my shoes and peel off the safety gear at work.

    My leather jacket is almost ok over my shirt and tie with the liner out, what are the pants i should be going for that go over my trousers? Being water proof as well wouldnt be bad either.
  2. I don't have wear a full suit and tie, I just have to wear chino type pants and a shirt. My jacket fits over my shirt naturally enough and I ride with my chinos on by themselves. I leave a jumper and my work shoes at work, so when I get to work I just change shoes. As what to wear over your pants I suppose you could wear a thin water proof pant but with the weather we've been having in Melbourne that might be a bit hot and sweaty. I agree, getting to work and having to change wardrobe is a hassle.
  3. Ta - i am more concerned about safety than weather. If the weather is shitty i will drive, at this stage.
  4. I think Draggin might do chino styled protective pants.. Might be an option if you can get away with it.
  5. Get changed at work, really its easier in the end

    you can leave the jacket(s) at work permamently (except when in the dry cleaner) same with shoes and ties. Bring a weeks worth of shirts/trousers in on Monday. If you ROLL the shirts/trousers carefully, dont fold, they will not be creased at all, and will fit it your average tank/ventura type bag.

    Bring socks etc in daily.

    Then you can wear good safety gear, and not compromise.

    I used to do this trick in the Army with uniforms, it works. Now I just wear draggins, boots and the t-shirt I have on under the jacket. :grin:

  6. I've had to wear suite/tie also at stages. I've got a couple of those cordura pants that I would wear over the top with enough room with knee/weather protection, cordura jacket, and best of all, Rossi boots, the most officey looking ones you can get (but they still have ankle protection), so you don't even have to take them off if you get the right pants to just slip over the top. I would just plonk down at my desk, quickly get out of the pants and jacket and start reading email.
  7. I've go a pair of "Force" cordura pants that are real handy for that sort of thing. Take out the liner and put them on over whatever pants I want to wear. :wink:

    As for the shirt and tie, I'll only ever wear them to a funeral, and it would have to be my own if they don't want me to fight it. :cool: :LOL:
  8. Sounds familiar, well I will wear them but soon get sloppier if I stay at a job long enough. Some good tactics I've had work a couple of times (working right now), if you get those casual Fridays a lot of workplaces do, test the waters and try wearing casuals on a Thursday or Monday as well, see if other people start to notice and do the same thing, or if nobody mentions it. Soon everybody is wearing casual everyday. Start a trend! I can't see the point of wearing suits/ties these days especially if you're not dealing directly with customers and working for places like Telstra.
  9. I just get changed at work.
    For job interviews however, I wear shirt under my normal jacket & pants under my draggin jeans & change shoes when I get there, hide helmet etc in gearsack and stash it somewhere or attempt to lock it to my bike.

    Unfortunatly, in this weather, if you wear shirt & pants under gear its going to wrinkle really, really badly. Your better off getting changed at work unless you have an ironing board there. You can get away with it in winter - mostly :LOL:
  10. Just because I laugh doesn't mean I'm kidding. Anyone who ties something around my neck had better bloody well be trying to hang me. I work in whatever pants I feel like and a T-shirt. :twisted:
  11. Do what i do.

    Have work supply your uniform. Then tell them they have to wash it. Turn up for work in the morning, grab a uniform, wear it all day and get covered in shit, then get changed back into your own clothes, throw the uniform in the bin and go home.

    Works for me. :p
  12. Yeah Draggin have just come out with chino pants, and the rossi boots are great and they almost look like normal black boots,very comfortable, i wear mine at work with my draggins and a polo shirt, no gettin changed just take off jacket, helmet and gloves and im away!
  13. 2 pairs of shoes and work boot slive at work, then have a stash of ties. normally either rbing in 5 shirts on monday and hang them in my cubical. and either bring in trousers for the week, or were trousers boots, jacket gloves. or also have a few pairs of baggy jeans that i throw over the top of trousers. I find wearing a nice shirt normally ends up sweaty up here.

  14. Pfffft.

    I supose you change your undies daily too :roll:

  15. What he said :LOL:

    I keep a spare pair of shoes and change into them.
  16. In the 80s I worked at the County Court and rode every day. I had to get to work 1/2 an hour early to do my hair and touch up my makeup. I wore heels, dresses, suits, the whole lot! I was young then so it wasnt a hassle, now with kids etc, every minute I can spend at home is better. I wear casual to work now and just leave shoes and a jacket at work . How funny that we all leave our shoes at work!! my boss still asks me why mine are here. Must be the smell that offends him.
  17. I keep my pants, ties and shoes at work, then ride in with a fresh shirt on and draggins. Whacking my work dacks on takes about a minute.
  18. I change at work, I bring my work clothes in a backpack. No hassle at all.

    Takes all of 10 mins.

    And I'm a girl.
  19. i keep pants and shoes at work but where business shirt underneath jacket but this does get too hot in summer but i often dont ride in the heat to work as i would stink all day not unless there was a shower at work lol
  20. I take one of those supermarket "green" bags, containing a pair of shoes, my rolled-up (not folded) suit pants, and a tie.

    That goes into the boot of the Across.

    I wear a backpack containing my rolled-up suit jacket, and any other stuff I need to take into work.

    When I get there, my helmet and gloves spend the day locked in the boot.

    I change into my work gear, put my boots in the green bag and my Draggins in the backpack. I carry my riding jacket.

    If I'm taking wet-weather gear it gets squeezed in around the other stuff!