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we want to do a 1 off race

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jasonw, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. g'day everyone
    an uncle has had a 74 ducati 750ss (looks like the one in the photo) from brand new and the grand dream was to race it in classic races when it was old enough.
    well i belive the bike is old enough and he now has a spot on his lung (doesnt look good smoker etc hasnt got results yet) so i need to kick his ass along and get him to forfill a dream while he still can
    thats the story out of the way
    who is the best people to talk to about entering a race?
    i know mv handles the licence side of things but i dont know what sort of class he could enter. he has never raced before, would need to hire or borrow leathers. the bike is his pride and joy so it would just be a steady pace around the back of the pack

  2. shoot MVrog a "pm" he will probably be able to point you in the right direction
  3. message sent thanks
  4. Keep us posted on how things go with the racing and his battle.
  5. Got to the ma website (www.ma.org.au - i think) and download the "Handbook or motorcylce sport" (or whatever it's called).

    This will give you an idea on all the safety gear you need (leathers, back protector, etc). It will also give you the ground rules for bike preperation - you have to do some race specific things, it's not like a track day.

    Other than that, if he hasn't done some track days, I'd recommend it before going to a track. Generally the class would be classic or post classic (i think). I think that hartwell runs some classic races, so go to their site and find a contact and ring them up.
  6. Go to the Preston MotorCycle Club Website. www.prestonmcc.com.au and give your contact details. You will be contacted to discuss the best way to go, what is possible etc.
  7. The manual is also called the GCR's or general competition rules.
    It's available as a download from the ma site.
    To get the licence you need to be a member of a club eg Preston as mentioned above and you have to pass a test. (It's easy)
    Aside from the licence you'll need a bit of prep work to get you bike ready to race.
    This includes lockwiring all the fluid retention caps
    That includes radiator cap, water drain plug, oil filler, sump plug and oil filter (use a hose clampfor this.).
    Any over flow pipe must vent to a catch tank. The rules say must vent behind the carbs but a catch tank is mostly accepted as well.
    If you have a belly pan, you need to make sure it will hold the required amount of fluid should a mechanical failure occur (5ltr's I think) Then you drill two holes in it (25mm) so you can use a 25mm plug to stop the oil coming out. You may remove the plugs when it raining.
    Quite why you are forced to drill two large holes in to an otherwise perfectly sealed belly pan is beyond me. Especially as you MAY decide NOT to remove the plugs when it raining and thus prevent OIL spilling on to a WET track. Sorry, back on topic.
    You need the correct colour race plate and numbers. These have to be the official size.
    Theres a guy at the race track who sells these (I wonder who that is?)
    The interclub is probably the best place for the first race. It's all very easygoing, and has a good friendly atmosphere. PLus you get lots of races during the day. A potential 7 races, but definitely 5 in the day plus practice time.
    That I think is the basics to get you on the track. There's more including performance parts, setup parts, tools, tyre warmers etc.
    It depends what level you want to enter at.
    The next interclub is at Broadford on the 23rd September. The track is open for practice the previous day (22nd)
  8. message sent to preston mcc
    thanks ian will try to get to broadford on the sat (bday party sun)
    good news with the spot on the lung turned out to be a bit of broken bone
    in front of his lung (broken rib years ago)
    but im still going to kick him along and get him going
  9. Excellent news and good on you for "kicking" him. [​IMG]
  10. Sounds like Wins all round.
    Get him onto netrider. Introduce him around.
    We don't bite... Much
  11. i dont think he is the internet type but ill try