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We raised $1300 for Cancer by bowling!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by carolf_au, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. My twin sister decided earlier this year that she wants to give back a little, so she signed up to The Cancer Challenge for The Cancer Council Queensland.

    We have hosted 2 events, a Pub Crawl in July that raised just under $1000 and last Friday night we had Barefoot Bowls at Booval Swifts Bowls Club, raising over $1300 for The Cancer Council.

    So that is over $2300 straight into The Cancer Council bank account, to raise awareness, information and support for Cancer Sufferers, Cancer Survivors, and the family and friends of people affected by any type of Cancer.

    My twin also shaved her head on Friday night, to raise awareness about why some women have short hair or no hair at all. She has vowed not to wear a wig for 2 weeks - she also works in a hairdressing salon, selling hair care products!

    So I just wanted to spread the word - if you want to help The Cancer Council make life a little better for Cancer sufferers and their nearest and dearest, all it takes is getting a few friends and having some fun together !!
  2. Well done Carol, and a very well done to your sister, takes some guts to shave your head.
  3. Thanks Pete! She hadn't planned to go quite that short, but the clippers were a bit dodgy hence the no-blade look! Luckily her hair grows quickly so the Christmas photos won't be so bad!

    She was scaring small children while working today - apparently bald women freak them out! Except my kids :LOL:
  4. So, why didn't YOU shave your head, too, Carol? :wink:
  5. :LOL:
  6. I've set my price...

    but seriously, I have enough trouble keeping my hair out of my face when I'm riding, I need it to be way longer than it is now!