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We pay $238'000 in tax for every auto manufacturing employee

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kols_kebabs, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. 1) Australia is a frickin' HUGE country.

    2) Motor vehicles are essential to how we live and move.

    3) It is cheaper to keep an industry going, than to start it up from scratch if it is one day required.

    Yes, it seems stupid in the short-term. But what if war broke out and we couldn't produce our own vehicles? We'd be in a spot of bother.
  2. It would be less of an issue if the Australian Industry was a bit more viable and stopped insisting on producing 6s and 8s as their main bread and butter.
  3. We wouldn't need such a package if holden and ford stopped making 6litre v8's and started making ~4litre v8's and 2 - 3 litre 4's and 6's. I mean, look at how much power the japs make with a fkn 2 litre car, and how much petrol they save. Sales are down because of 2 reasons, recesion fears and the economy (which we can't really help, thank america) and petrol prices, which we could help if they made better fcuking cars!

    Its called engineering!!! I think holden and ford need to learn that....
  4. Australia at war with Japan, Europe and the United States.

  5. BTW, if anyone wants to buy a 2007 Mazda 3 SP23 with 24,000k's on it, PM me :)

    It's the sedan, not the gay luxury one, carbon grey, 6-speed manual.
  6. Re: We pay $238'000 in tax for every auto manufacturing empl

    Yeah it seems like a lot but remember it is probably cheaper for the country in the long run. You have to look at the big picture of what this investment will mean for jobs and future foreign investment into Australia.
  7. Re: We pay $238'000 in tax for every auto manufacturing empl

    Please explain your voodoo economics of how it's cheaper in the long run? We give a fortune to subsidise an unprofitable and declining industry. It's a huge bullshit waste. Ford and GM, companies in huge financial strife globally, are likely to pull out of Australian manufacturing entirely in the not distant future.

    $6.1 billion doesn't even take into account the cost of tariffs. You compare Australia to a deregulated country like NZ, any single vehicle, and we pay almost double for all our used cars.

    The job argument doesn't fly, because most of the skilled tradesmen in the Australian car industry are in demand and could easily find jobs elsewhere. If anything, the car industry is taking away workers from jobs where they are really needed.
  8. +1, we'd have bigger things to worry about :D
  9. Re: We pay $238'000 in tax for every auto manufacturing empl

    I don't have an come back for you, you win. I still find it hard to believe that the government would be wasting all this money if it was not for the greater good.
  10. Re: We pay $238'000 in tax for every auto manufacturing empl

    I haven't researched how ford and GM are weathering the financial crisis, but I presume it's not going well.

    Without these subsidies, undoubtedly Australian manufactured Fords would be gone within 5 years, with Holden soon to follow.

    For the political parties, that would be an intolerable blow to Australian nationalism/re-election prospects. You wouldn't want to be the government on duty during the collapse of Ford Australia.

    We're ruining our national economy, for the sake of blind nationalism.
  11. My family owns a 1.8L Toyota Sera and a 2.1L Saab 901i Convertible.

    May the 6L V8's meet their end in the fiery depths of Ford/Holden Hell.
  12. When every State and the Federal Government is beholden to the Unions for their money and their existence, these dumb decisions are to be expected. The Australian car industry has not been financially viable for probably the last 30 or more years.
  13. And then you consider the fact that the current estimated value of the entire global GM company is HALF the amount of the Australian subsidy for local companies... :shock: the amount is just staggering. Really its just pissing into the wind in an attempt to delay the inevitable.
  14. Oh Piss Off paul. That is a soddding load of bollocks.
    This is big business getting subsidies.
    They get subsidies to build the plant,
    They get tax breaks
    And then they get hand outs when external economic forces hit them hard because of a bad and unsustainable business structure.
    And if the government so much as hesitates they threaten to take the bat and ball and move to Korea.
    This has SFA To do with unions, and everything to do with big business. So take your right wing wheelbarrow and push it somewhere else.

    [EDIT]oops forgot an other detail… And when they are making huge profits again, will they pay back this handout? NO![/EDIT]
  15. Re: We pay $238'000 in tax for every auto manufacturing empl


    You two have made my night!

    Sorry. But in all seriousness I'm perfectly happy having my taxes given to large foreign companies. fcuk, why don't we just stop importing everything?! Then all the unemployed people could get jobs. Yay.
  16. Normally I don't agree with you Paul, but here, you're spot on.
  17. Did Holden have its heyday between 1998 to 2002? Shutting down Holden and Ford would have a knock on effect on the spares parts industry. So that subsidy value would be reduced if you include all the suporting jobs that support car manufacturers.

    I wish Holden and Ford were internationally competitve. I wish that they realised all not all Australians are bogan drivers. We want decent 4 cylinder cars. I doubt whether Holden nor Ford can make 4 cylinders cars. Toyota and all the other overseas car manufacturers have been making 4 cylinder cars for so many years. It's not like Holden and Ford can jump in and say "let's start making 4 cylinders cars." All their expertises are locked into V6s and V8s.

    I still remember Holden's Commodre VE launch back in 2006 (just as the Oil Price crisis started.) The first 3 or 4 models Holden showcase were V8s. Commentors make an uproar about Holden showing off V8s when everyone is buying four cylinder cars.

    Remember the "380"?? It might have been a good car but no one wanted to buy a Mitibushi. Again, the wrong car for the wrong time.

    Since most of our population is highly urbanised, we do not need V6s and V8s, (unlike many years ago). Small cars and motorbikes are good enough for urban populations.

    I personally want a car maunfacturing in Australia but it will get tougher for them. Maybe their subsidy is their last throw at the dice. Australia will need V6s and V8s but most of our urban population wont need them. They don't even need a car. A motorbike or a pushbike or public transport should be good enough.

    PS: I own a 2002 VX Holden Commodore Acclaim. It will be my last Commodore I will ever own. I'm definitely changing over to a 4 cylinder car within the next few years.
  18. W.A.D.R. - Bugger off, Johnny. :p :bolt: