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We need more power

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Sratto, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Can any one give me some mods to do to a 99 R6 that will make it go harder. I've had it dyno tuned, full service, K&N filters, plugs, yoshi exhaust, chain and sprockets.

  2. Lose weight (rider and bike) :).
  3. Umm, buy a new one?

    Sorry, that's not very helpful, is it? Do you really need more power? Compare your bike to my GPX, and ask yourself - does it really have to go any harder than it already does??
  4. +1 get a good deal on the sale of your R6 and get a great deal on your purchase of a r1.

    Only place u got left to go is loose weight, (titanuim components such as push rods fly wheels)

    Hone vavle seats, Port Heads ?


    turbo (too much work)

    Dont know if any of that stuff is applicable to your bike (see sig)
  5. Good thanks. Nice to meet you. 1st post?

    Ans: Jet Kit.
  6. Want to go faster? Get back to the track
  7. start the motor! :LOL:
  8. Go to a superbike school and learn to use what you've got. Seriously. It's one of the fastest motor vehicles on the planet already. If you can ride it at
    15,000rpm instead of 8000rpm, you'll have TWICE the horsepower at the back wheel.

    BIGGEST $$ for performance increase.

    Or else trade up to an R1 or similar, cos anything you spend from here on in mods for your bike is going to be LOTS of $$$ for a very small HP increase.
  9. Some good idea's

    What can you tell me about superbike school and who ever suggested the jet kit how much would be
  10. A jet kit, velocity stacks and an ignition advancer would be about it from here for on for any more easy gains.

    Beyond that, you're starting to look towards head-work on the engine.

    Seriously though, even the '99 R6 is hardly lacking in power. If you're not able to keep up with anything else, except in a straight-line drag only, then the problem is you. Even in a straight-line drag, up to about 200kph, the main difference is the rider (overweight, unskilled at shifting, so on).
  11. learn how to ride it :!: