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We need more people like squirrel.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. Well, I don't agree with the profanity, but I SURE AS HELL agree with the sentiments.

    If this disaster had happened in Oz, we would be on top of it and have had a rescue plan operating straight away. I am SO disgusted that the supposed world leader can't organise to help these people.

    I am also SO disgusted about the looting, the murders, the rapes, in a a so-called civilised country. Where were the similar events in the wake of the Asian tsunami?? Where? THERE WEREN'T ANY!!!

    And this is SUPPOSEDLY a country to which the rest of the free world is supposed to look up!!!

    And, another thing while I'm on the soap box.

    I have had a GUTFULL of ppls complaining that the Australian government hasn't had people in the affected areas looking for and helping out Australians. The fact is they were PREVENTED from entering the area by the American officials. So, stop looking for a beat-up opportunity to score some cheap political points, ppls.

    We ALWAYS look after our won and we would have here too, IF WE HAD BEEN ALLOWED.

    End of rant. Thank you for your attention.

    Vote #1 RC36Honda!
  2. i love the simplistic view of the media :roll: why did individuals give millions to charities, and governments billions when the boxing day tsunami hit, and why are they donating now? because the media brings awareness to the suffering that is occurring and the scope of the disaster.

    no media means no awareness which means no national let alone international aid. :x pretty simple concept i would of thought.
  3. Just take a look at the Tsunami. By the time the rest of the world realised what had happened and started organising press conferences, Australia already had C-130 Hercules being loaded up with supplies. OK it helped that it was in our backyard so-to-speak, but even so....

    The Mayor of New Orleans pointed out why this has happened. In the same radio interview where he was swearing his head off at the federal government for the lack of response, he pointed out that there has been a rising drug issue in his city which they have failed to get ontop of. Now in the wake of the hurricane the drug addicts and gangs are desperate and forced to go cold turkey. And they're lashing out as a result.

    Also the gangs are suddenly realising they have control.
  4. Ah the slightly distorted and humerous truth coming from none other than 'Your Lord and Master...... Foamy!' :)
  5. I presume the person this rather oblique shot is directed at KNOWS who he or she is, otherwise it would seem to be wasted!
  6. Well I'd dare say it was more wasted on you than anyone else. :-/

    It was more a description of the link provided by the original poster, not a "shot" as such.
  7. looting? that's expected in a survival situation.......the murders and r(*#? disgusting is only the beginning, that makes me sick to my stomach. Civilised country? just shows what would happen in ANY country where there is no law and order!
  8. True, but my point was that, despite devastation that was WORSE than what has happened in America, we did NOT see that sort of behaviour in the countries that were affected by the Asian tsunami.

    An interesting contrast, I feel.
  9. That's very debatable. Many would argue that what has happened in America is far greater. Besides, how does one guage the devastation from one natural disaster to another?

    At any rate, at least with the Tsunami, to a large extent the water came in and flowed out again so excavators and trucks could get in straight away to clean up. In New Orleans it came in and is there to stay for anywhere up to 3 months.

    Well, not that was reported by the news services anyway.
  10. Both valid viewpoints, dale, but it still seems from where I sit that the Asian reaction was one of which the people involved could be proud but that the American reaction, on all fronts, has not reflected well on the people involved.
  11. lol it is quite obvious to me that the Squirrl is NOT an American!! How could any one be so unpatriotic!! Does the Squirrl NOT realise it is ALL about the MONEY??
  12. Thanks for the explanation, Dale, I understand. (looked at the original post!) :)
  13. I first saw foamy on the tech support flash
    click on tech support and watch its about outsourcing.

    the link was put up , because of its message , notning more , nothing less.
  14. Saying what a LOT of people have been thinking, I'd say.
  15. On this point we both agree.
  16. El Quaida would be doing high fives at the moment........whats that word KARMA :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  17. Yes, the old yew ess of ay doesn't come out of this one looking very good, I'm afraid. I just fail completely to understand how, in the wake of 9/11 and all the other things that have happened, why they ddn't have an adequate disaster plan.
  18. disaster plan :roll: america's disaster plan revolves around some non existant 'iraqi threat' :LOL: they could mobilize enuff troops to take over just about any country in the world in about 3.5 seconds but helping the ppls in its own backyard isn't as important as making sure some tosspot dictator is caught :D

    and a song by tool just popped to mind... 'aenima' those familiar will know why i made the connection. its not LA, but farkit, close enuff..... learn to swim 8)
    (the purists could say that its bill hicks' concept, but tool made it catchy :LOL: )