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We need a wall of shame

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. And the first person I would add would be the mongrel yellow taxi driver on the Monash last night. This pussucker travelling in the right hand lane at lower speed than the other two lanes decided to give me a scare and turned in when I was half way along the length of his car. The prick didn't drift left, I actually watched him turn his wheels in. I still believe if I hadn't braked (bloody hard) I would have been the filling in a freeway sandwich. What can you do? You catch up, give them severe verbal, but so what.......they don't give a shit. This lowlife could seriously injure somebody and when I rang the taxi company and gave them his number, I got the feeling I had just wasted my 30 cents.

    p.s. For Sale one slightly soiled pair of Draggin Jeans.
  2. only slighty?? :shock: :p
  3. I am with you there. I need to put up a dirty big photo of the guy in a 4wd who did a u turn in front of me, caused my off and now is not taking responsibility for the accident so I have to pay an excess and will face a premium increase :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. having worked in a taxi base before i would recommend that you ask to speak to management and also reported it to the taxi association/directorate.... Hell cover all bases... I know the directorate usually deals with driver problems. i.e. you report a drivers personal details... Taxi co's are usually concearned with the public image hence you ring and ask for management NOT the telephonist's. The association is concearned about the over all image of taxis from the drivers to the cars.... I no longer work for the taxi company by the way..
  5. Well, at the risk of sounding like your mother (and you've got a good 15 years on me), you can learn something. It's hard to be sure from your description but it sounds as though you saw it happening in time and reacted in a controlled fashion. So maybe what you learn is just that you're doing OK. Better still, could/should you have been able to see this happening sooner and could you have responded better? In my experience the answer to this question is usually "yes". For example, when you braked heavily, were you aware of the proximity of the vehicle behind you? I know this all happens _very_ quickly but with time you'll discover that you _can_ take alot of these things into account in emergency situations. Of course, the lack of power does limit some of your options :p

    FWIW, the anger you feel is counter-productive... So he/she's a f***wit? Get over it! There are another four f***wits who've just closed in for the kill!
  6. ... ride infront, ride behind... never beside (if at all possible)...

    Well done for averting and reacting.

    One question for you - what's the lesson in this incident?? If you're really honest with yourself, every near miss is partly the rider's fault... what can you do different next time??

    Cheers - and safe riding.

  7. Why won't your insurance take your side?
    If he were to blame your insurance would take out action in your name
    That's what you are paying them for.
  8. The god of Taxi's &Courier van's are sending you a warning.

    Insert ominously creepy sound here
  9. Seriously mate, as an ex courier, do not lump taxis and couriers in the same boat. You'll get some very nasty looks if you're hanging around couriers OR taxis.

    That said, this morning's wall of shame:

    I'd just turned up Glenferrie Road from Toorak Road and started winding it up, overtaking a 4wd sitting on my right. This old lady, seventy if she's a day, pulls out from a sidestreet HALF WAY into the left lane. I tell you, if I hadn't been on a bike we both would have been in strife as I would have had nowhere to go.

    I swear that whole region is a hazard zone. If it's not pensioners it's yuppies in Toorak tractors.
  10. Bugger the taxi company / overbody.

    Report it to the cops!!
  11. I love the theory, and awareness is seriously what it's all about in my opinion - at least when it comes to staying upright. But without taking a dig at what you just said, I'd like to know how you guys go in Vic with the rather tight situation on speed at the moment? I've found that since I've decided to stick like glue to the limit, I've been compromising my safety by breaking my concentration: I lose my 'feel' for what's around me.

    What can I do?
  12. As a daily freeway driver I would like to think I am aware fo most of it. I just didn't expect the deliberate.....but I will next time........
  13. Kick in his door panel next time :roll:
  14. So you haven't experienced the fun of a full beer can hurtling towards you yet? The joys, the joys... :)
  15. Jerk who backed over Bond has now dragged in a 3rd party to negotiate! as he has a heart condition if he doesn't cough up I'll rip his bloody heart out with my bare hands! Thank God I've got 2 witnesses!
  16. Sounds like a stalling tactic. Fore warn your and his insurance companies that there could be a claim pending and inform the third party that you will do this.
  17. Another shamer: Last night on my way home I was on Burwood Highway (between Stephensons Rd. and Station Street). Minding my own business as a car comes up beside me (to the right) and the passenger proceeds to reveal a water gun and shoot me. This was very unexpected (as they were beside me I didn't know what was happenning) and fortunately I didn't react and cause riding problems. I followed them for a little bit and noticed that they were shooting at anyone with windows open, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Called the police shortly after (with car rego number) and they indicated that they had received several calls in relation to this.
  18. Yep, sure did!!! I have complained about a taxi prviously and I got hte impression they didn't give a rats. Might try byft's idea next time!
  19. the 3 C's are my Nemesis, cabbies/couriers/cyclists.

    i await the day it is legal to hunt them.
  20. Man that's frikkin dangerous. Who knows water could be that thing. A few years back some kids in the US got charged for shooting bike riders & pedestrians with skirkish guns.

    They ended up doing jail time.