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We made the news again!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Ummmm, you have been threatening us, and it hasn't worked (again).

    How about trying something else?
  2. "We shouldn't have to go out and book motorists just so they can be alive at the end of Easter," Insp Parr said.

    oohhhh dont make me laugh
  3. Is this more shocking media work? Are motorcyclists killing themselves or are cars killing them?
  4. heh. i got pulled over and threatened on the weekend multiple times... didnt stop me going out and breaking bones while being completley law abiding.

    there were so many cops revenue raising last night that one of my mates was almost rolled by a group of try hard teens and another one had a knife pulled on him at an atm on elizabeth st at 7:30pm by some indian carnt.

    get off the roads an back on the streets you pathetic excuses for public servants.

    how many people have been robbed or assaulted or died from premature heart failure since the start of the year? more that 18.
  5. This guy needs a career change. He could work in emergency wards.

    Nurse: "Insp. This man is 85, has pancreatic cancer and has gone into cardiac arrest."
    Cop: "I said LIVE f*** you. Don't make me threaten you again."
    Patient: "Thanks Inspector... Your encouragement has motivated me to live some more."

  6. Pffft, like you really care more.

    The three fatalities this weekend have been a 2-bike head-on and the other hitting a tree and a parked car.
    Statistically the majority of bike accidents are single-vehicle incidents. We've got to take some of the responsibility for our disproportionate casualty rates.

    This is shocking media work for peddling the same old lines from VicPol without actually having a story to contextualise it.
  7. How many of these bookings were under 10 K's over the limit, Bet they dont publish them figures,
  8. I wonder though, how many of those "single vehicle accidents" are caused by another vehicle, which causes the motorcyclist to crash through his/her efforts to avoid it?
  9. F#%king hell. All this bullshit about speeding killing people is exactly that. Utter bullshit. It's really starting to drive me nuts. How do we go about telling the powers that be this is the case. It's the f#%kwits that can't drive or ride their way out of a wet paper bag causing the problems. How the f#%k do 2 motorcycles have a head on on a dead straight stretch of road? Now we've got the do gooders trying to lower the speed limits in the country to 90km/hr. There was a survey in the Herald Sun on I think Wednesday or Thursday where some totally absurd % of those surveyed agreed that it would be a good idea. For f#%ks sake -have these people ever driven further than the closest K-Mart or Westfield shopping centre in their suburb?
    I and a few of my mates are living proof that speed does not kill. For the last 26 or 7 years there has not been a time I have been out in the country on my bike and wound the throttle to the stop. I couldn't even begin to guess the number of hours I've spent howling down back roads at speeds that would see me walking for 6-12 months at a time if caught. Guess what? I'm still alive. I've never even broken a bone. But I have been run over in town by some cock head that decided to shoot through a roundabout without bothering to look. But no one was speeding so the cops couldn't give a shit.
    Why do the authorities want to penalise everyone in society because of a few f#%kwits that totally deserve to succumb to Darwins theory of natural selection? It's beyond me. You can have as many laws as you like and some dropkick will still get pissed, load up his/her car with mates and wipe them all out. Rampant revenue raising by fining everyone 2 or 3 kays of the limit will stop this? How? Sorry, but it will never wash with me.
  10. Because it's a tax without being a tax. As long as the government can make coin off it, it will be in their interests. How about we pass a law which mandates 100% of speeding revenue goes towards third party charities? And I'm talking 100%, no skimming from those in charge.

    Wishful thinking, considering we are all too lazy and shit scared of losing our jobs to consider any kind of protest.
  11. I know someone who recently wrote this and submitted it as a letter to the editor, to MPs, and also lodged a complaint with the police about the issue raised.


  12. phizog,
    That letter is very well worded and so accurate.
    Could you please thank and congratulate the author for me..
  13. While I agree with the general sentiment, from my recollection it is a very slim majority of accidents that are single-vehicle versus collisions with other vehicles. In fact, I just had a look at the crash data for Victoria, and for the years off 2008 and 2009 only 39.5% of the motorcycle fatalities were single-vehicle. Other stats I've seen were more like 52% single-vehicle and 48% were collisions with other vehicles.

    I do think that we need to take more responsibility for the way we ride. Still... I find myself falling into the camp that says that the tickets we get for doing 64 in a 60 zone are not aimed at making us (or anybody else) any safer.
  14. I'm definitely going to need a much bigger wall than this one -> ](*,)
  15. idiot writer used the wrong they're. Propaganda machine starting to break down under the strain of constantly spewing manure.

    While there was quite some police activity in Sydney, its sounds like much less than melbourne, even considering we have double demerits. "We shouldn't have to go out and book motorists just so they can be alive at the end of Easter," funnily enough it seems that you can survive just fine in NSW, which is surprising because you're road system is roughly 50 times better.

    Where is V when you need him?
  16. I certainly don't agree that the hair-splitting speeding fines are doing any good whatsoever. The whole idea of such automatic 'enforcement' is a bit of a sore point for me at the moment, having recieved a Neg Riding ticket ($325 and 3 points, NSW) for coming off my bike all on my own at well below the posted limit on a wet, oily, steep switchback bastard of a corner on Monday.

    I remember the statistical imbalance being greater than that, but I can't find the number's to back me up at the moment (best of a quick search was 58% of fatalities in Vic in 2008 being single vehicle - VicRoads and Spokes websites mainly 08 data still, FFS) so I can't argue with you. I would suggest that perhaps the total collision data may be more exagerated than the fatalities, but who knows. There's also the occasional bike vs bike like the one this weekend, although they are more common on less cannonball-type roads! (Modern jousting, anyone? Or just chicken?)

    Anyway, point is that we all know cagers are morons, and we still ride, so we can't use that as an excuse. It'd be nice to think that the bike cop accident would suggest to the powers that be that it can happen to the best of us, not just the squidding straight line speed-freak stereotypes.
  17. totally agree, id say that if they have handed out 5400 fines clearly the threats arent working
  18. No but the coffers are filling =D> job done!!!!!!!!!!