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We Love the Taser

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by orcus, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. hahaha that reminds me of that redneck cop on Meet the Fockers who Tasers everyone he pulls over.
  2. Hehehe stupid americans. But seriously, I don't think police officers should be using tazers like that so liberally :? . Like because she didn't get out of the car?
  3. Towards the end you hear why the taser was used. After numerous warnings the driver still refused to comply with the directions of the cop and then took a swing at the second officer.
  4. Yes... but officers should not be using tazers just because some irate lady took a swing. Officers should look at a situation and decide okay, is this person going to hurt me, hurt someone or hurt herself. And no, in this situation she couldn't do diddly squat.

    So what officers should do next is go, okay she took a swing, that's an offense. Failure to comply to exit car, another offense. You have a list of offenses that just pile up if she tries to take it into court.

    You don't shoot someone with thousands of volts even if they annoy the crap out of you. Tazers 'can' kill, should be one of those things for extreme situations like Mace, and firearms.

    Then next, its a lady for godsake, if she had been carrying a child or something, that police officer is going to have a very hard time in court trying to explain himself.

    So yea, it does very much look like extreme force. And as I said, stupid americans.
  5. My 2c:

    Tazers can kill. Pillows can kill, celery can kill, riding motorbikes can kil. Bugger'em, tase away.

    Hypothetical: I'm a lady who lives in the USA. I am your usual stereotypical yank. I know all about the local constabulary, especially the fact that they have guns, tasers, nightsticks ("what do you do with it?", "we club people") and mace. Policeman pulls me over, asks me to get out of car. I hang up phone, get out of car, hitch up skirt and bend over. I DON'T keep talking on my phone because I know that Officer Buck over there has a taser. Simple. Do what you're told and you won't get tasered.

    No Sympathy.

    (BTW, just looked it up on dictionary.com and it's definitely Taser)

    Edit: Interesting side note: TASER is actually an acronym for Tom A Smith's Electronic Rifle.
  6. :LOL:

    Reminds me of this classic Chris Rock sketch - http://gorillamask.net/rockasskick.shtml in which he tells you how not to get your ass kicked by the cops. absolute gem.

  7. Hehe i love watching these idiots.

    She was trying to be a know-it-all smart-ass and got burnt because of it. Full respect for the cop in this case.

    If you're gonna be a smart-ass, you got to pick your people. A cop with a tazer is not the right person!
  8. Ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch. I do it because I like the pain...:LOL:
  9. i say stiff bickies
    comply with the officer and youre fine.
    in the (many) times ive been pulled over you obey the officer and its really quite a pleasant experience for all.......
    however behave like an idiot...............
    thats what you get.

    if any one watched a current affair tonight youd see what a great job the police officers of australia do and what they have to deal with every day.
  10. After being pulled over while living in the states I can see it from the police point of view...a mate and I were driving around in his pimped out Lincoln Town Car with BLACK tinted windows...we were driving on the freeway through a rough part of Detroit and speeding to boot...we see the lights/hear the sirens and pull over...the 2 police in the car open their doors and stand behind them..ask us to put windows down and one at a time hold hands out of the window...slowly open the door, step out of the car, kneel on the ground, cross our legs behind us and tell us to put our hands behind our heads...

    When they had done this one kept an eye on us with hand on holster no less while the other asked if we minded if he looked through the car, we said no worries and watched all the rubberneckers thinking these white boys are fcuked and after checking the car and us out they apologised for the hassle and explained that it was pretty common for some crims to just shoot the police through the dark tinted windows and thats why they were very cautious...after chatting for a while they lets us go...without the ticket...SCORE :D

    I tell ya those guys earn their money...I would not want to be a cop in the USA for any amount of $$$...lots of crazy mofo's and guns available everywhere makes for a scary work environment..

    Moral of the story...if going driving through rough neighbourhoods don't go with a mate who has a car that is the dealers/pimps favourite choice of wheels :shock:
  11. :shock: :D
    Damm that's some funny sh*te,
    Oh sorry, I just watched the Chris Rock sketch,
    Obey the law!
    Do what the police tell you to do, If you have just broken the law.
    Or you could
    Piss off the police.
    They will kick your *ss,
    Or tazer you.
    Or both.
    The drunk guy took 5 hits, alcohol does numb pain sensors.
    Telling the cops how to do their job, and refuse to get out of the car,
    after getting caught speeding on a suspended licence, will get your *ss tazered. Ouch! but you had it coming.

    Do the cops here have those things?
    I think I just found Australias funniest home video.
  12. mcbigg wrote

    Yeah, big respect for two fully grown men that can't get a fat sheilla out of her car without having to electrocute her.

    Their parents must be so proud.

    No wonder people shoot at em rather than stop

    It is still very bloody funny though. :p
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  14. Bwahahaha :LOL: One has to admit she was out of the car pretty quickly once she recieved a few thousand volts through her!! :LOL:

  15. Would you want to touch her?

    Or even get close to her?