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"We know the difference between a 250 & 600"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Speed trap set on Epping Road this morning getting all traffic coming from the hills suburbs.

    I got pulled over for a random check and the officer was pretty sweet especially considering my L plate fell off at some stage on the way to work, which he could have fined me for not having.

    He said - "so many riders get there L's and then go and buy 600's or more and think we have no idea. That's why we always focus on riders to ensure they are not on bikes that shouldn't be."

    "We knows it's a pain but we're sure you can understand allot of nitwits throw the rules out the window once they get there L's"

    He then told me "I should be giving you a fine for no L plate, but you are well protected, driving sensibly and driving what you should be."

    "Just make sure you keep that L plate on mate - (winks) have a good day"

    I said thanks, mounted up and drove another 50 metres to the entrance of my work carpark. lol
  2. Some cops are actually human :wink:
  3. Great to see some are human after all :)
    Bugger VCM!
  4. Respi, aren't you riding a postie? (*insert thoughts of a Honda CT600RR here* :LOL: )

    Good cop stories are always good to hear though.
  5. In Victoria they would have fined your ass and made you walk to work
  6. Don't ask me what i was thinking at the time but I bought and sold it straight away! :)

    Riding a GS500 which is for sale atm :0)
  7. Dontcha just HATE when that happens :wink:
  8. Yeah. I brought up the reply box then was called away to do something.
    Who would have thought work would get in the way :LOL:
  9. Yeah they sit there at North Ryde and book cars doing u-turns at the lights at Herring road.

    I got pulled over there one morning and the did a "breath test" (7.50am). what thery were really doing was checking me out.

    I asked whether they were booking cars in the transit lane and the cop said no, but they do that sometimes. I thought "bullshit" car drivers use it all the way down epping road and the cops never do anything about it.
  10. they are there about once a week catching you turns on the midium strip & transit lane people at the Avaya/Optus buildings on Epping Road.

    Seems fair enough.
  11. That's where I work :0)

    Ifyou look across the road you'll also see they have a radar unit getting speeders as well :)

    Blue commodore on the grass facing diagonally across towards oncomming cars coming down the hill :0)
  12. did u tell him about netrider? :p
  13. hmmm i've never seen coppers on the way to work down epping road of a morning? The new bus lanes i'm sure will be contributing to morris's salary when they are made operational.
    Good story to hear, glad that some discretion is applied from time to time.
  14. just after el-rancho heading city bound at the bottom of the hill. If you're doing nothignwrong odds are you won't notice them.

    Just look out for that dark tinted car on the grass on the other side of the road as he's there specifically to nab anyone gunnign it down the hill.
  15. Just up the slip road between Herring road and lane cove road. twice a month would be more accurate. The cop car catching the u-turners sits on the south-east corner of the herring road intersection, in front of the medical centre and radios down to the cops in the slip road. I'm not sure if they are interested in you if you use that little be of "buses only" lane at Herring road. I think I used it a couple of time and didn't get pulled over by them.

    My office overlooks the colour coded Optus buildings.
  16. don't worry i know how to spot an unmarked car :wink:
    I consider myself a lucky boy for not having seen em yet. My interpretation of the traffic rules can get a bit hazy down that stretch :LOL:
    Ibast i was refering to the new bus lanes in lane cove west :)
  17. Around here they're really easy to spot - they're the only ones that have been washed (Police seem to be exempt from water restrictions).
  18. That is bloody superb police work, Hate power tripped cops (mainly the female type I've found) who use black and white law for their own benefit.
  19. Don't be so stupid! They'd have just shot you, then yelled "stop or i'll shoot!" ;)
  20. Up here on the gold coast I had a wicked experience when I was on the CB-ARGH 250, I was stuck behind a slow ass van, then went to turn left, as I went out into the left lane the van basically drifted into it, I hit the horn, went past, turned left and gave it a fistful up to 60. Being a 250 it screamed to that speed, all of a sudden there's a cop in the middle of the road pointing toward the parking lane.

    I'm like "Ohhhh shit." so I pull over.

    Off comes the skid lid and the copper has his notebook out and I'm like "Morning officer, what seems to be the hassle?"

    He's like, "How fast were you riding back there?" and I said "Oh, couldn't have been more than 60kph" and he goes "Actually, I had you clocked at 54kph".

    Awkward silence. "So, isn't the speed limit 60kph?" "Yes, it is 60kph. I just wanted to have a quick chat to you about your riding."

    By now I'm like "WTF" and he continues "Last night I saw what happened to a guy on a bike who was being impatient with traffic. I saw you come out of that corner a bit quick so I'm guessing you had some trouble with traffic"

    "Oh, yeah a van almost ran me off the road"

    "Yeah well remember you don't have airbags or metal between you and the road.. Just be careful and be patient because I don't want to see you spread all over the road and this nice bike all scratched up, just be careful alright?"

    "Uhh.. yeah, sure thing. Sorry for worrying you.. have a good day"

    Copper waves me off with a thumbs up and I'm just like "What the fkkkkk"

    Best copper ever, he seemed really concerned.