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We have a winner

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Folks, I've just drawn a winner for last months competition.

    I know, I know, it's late, all complaints in triplicate so it's worth firing up the shredder.

    Now, drum roll please................................

    And the winner is......................

    I'll tell you right after this break :p

    Adem A
    Membership Number 2330

    Congratulations to Adem

    Adem, you now have 7 Days to claim your prize. Please contact us to do so.

    Thanks to all those that entered the competition.
  2. What f n competition :?: :?: :?: :,there was a competition and I could have one something for free,the 1 one word that rings soooo true, to my scottish tightarseness,and I missed this competition [-(
    what was the prize Vic?,what day is it,who am I :tantrum:
  3. It was a competition where you had to visit Race Replica's website and answer a question. The answer was burried in their website.

    The prize was a bike care kit and some clothing to the value of $117

    Your name is Ken, It's Thursday, you have agreed to loan me Carrie for 6 hours. :rofl:
  4. Yeh Ken, I think I heard you say that :wink: :LOL:
  5. So was the answer??? I'd like to know whether I was on the money or not...
  6. Double

    <post too short filler>
  7. Bugger. :mad: So much for an agreement. :eek: Well, that's the last time I provide sexual favours for the Race Replica staff. :roll:

  8. Take a number ladies,she's only got time for real men.
    Yeah I recall several weeks ago I sent you a PM asking you something about that Vic,and gee :-w ,wadaya know :-w ,what are the odds :-k ,no response :-w ,who would of figured, :nopity: .Its not like you got anyone else is PM,n you.
  9. Well that answers the question I asked last month. There's hope Santa will bring me that f****** bike yet.
  10. oooh i only know one adem from this site!! congrats dude :)
  11. hey i accidentally stumbled across this topic and what do i see. i won a comp. Can't believe my luck. 1st i win the draw at bikemart and now this. i'm on a roll..... so how do i claim this prize Vic
  12. think u need to go out and buy a tatts ticket goosh!!!!! congrats :dance: