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We have a late disqualification - Abbott's climate change doubt

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Tony Abbott's comments on climate on last night's Four Corners show that he is completely disconnected from reality, and unqualified to lead a chook raffle, let alone a country.

    Abbott's Climate Doubts
  2. Re: We have a late disqualification

    I agree with him - It has been proven that the main advisory body to the UN on climate change that being East Anglia University made everything up in respect to climate warming data
  3. Re: We have a late disqualification

    Tony Abbott's stance on many areas highlight his inadequacy to lead this country! Surely the Lib's have someone better to head their party? If not, they're in deep $hit!! I'm not pro Labour or any other party, just my 2c on the clown that is Abbott
  4. Re: We have a late disqualification

    "It has been proven"
  5. Re: We have a late disqualification

  6. Re: We have a late disqualification

    well that is an interesting read, all i do feel is the whole go green thing is a good money spinner for industry, lets add a tax to everything and call it a green tax, what is this supposed tax being used for, whose pocket is it lining?

    Rebates get handed out too help offset green products, prices on green products go up almost the same price as the handout :-k
  7. Re: We have a late disqualification

    But the article also says:

    At least he is frank and honest, and leads a party that is committed to a policy.

    Gillard, meanwhile, in the same article:

    Strange how an article that criticises both candidates is headed so selectively?
  8. Re: We have a late disqualification

    Mr Rudd, on the other hand, said that climate change was 'the greatest moral imperative of the generation' but beyond the symbolic gesture of signing Kyoto, got his moral compass realigned when he realised that the majority of the country didn't believe that, or him...
  9. Re: We have a late disqualification

    My opinion on climate change has always been this: We can spend the money now, sort things out and end up irrespective of whether it's true or not, with cleaner, less polluting industry, cars, etc, or we can not spend the money and run the risk of it either becoming a lot more expensive, impossible to correct or that it really is nothing to be worried about.

    It's kinda like insurance, you don't buy it because you're planning to crash, you buy it because you might. The difference between climate change and insurance, is there is a positive side to paying it all regardless of whether we need to cash it in or not.
  10. Re: We have a late disqualification

    And the newspaper that led the climate sceptics in the UK and was one of Monckton's greatest supporters has now totally reversed its opinion.

    The somewhat to the right of Ghengis Khan Daily Mail has done a u-turn on its attitude.
  11. Re: We have a late disqualification

    I think you find the opposite is the case...

    Quote from opening remarks of the review

    Link to the review site http://www.cce-review.org/
  12. Re: We have a late disqualification

    Why is it that people believe someone like Lord Monckton over hundreds of climate scientists around the world including those at the CSIRO or that Tony Abbott believes a geologist Ian Plimer over climate scientists?

    Climate scientists at East Anglia University cleared by inquiry

    Most Australians believe that AGW is real.

    Mind you none of the deniers will change there minds no matter how many facts you put in front of them.


    The above means we're pretty much stuffed.
  13. Re: We have a late disqualification

    Rudd is a definite disappointment, and so is Gillard: definitely a poor performance from them.

    But I'm afraid your claim above is wrong on the facts, Paul: polls show that a clear majority of Australians believe climate change is happening and that humans are contributing to causing it.

    It was one-more-than-half of the parliamentary Liberal party that either didn't believe it or pretended not to on behalf of their base, so that they rolled Turnbull and with him a done deal, that has held Australia back years on this issue.
  14. Re: We have a late disqualification

    The denier gene is strong in the conservative end of politics.


    So the more conservative you are the less likely you are influenced by the facts.
  15. Re: We have a late disqualification

    DisgruntledDog... so off-topic, but I LOVE your avatar :D
  16. Re: We have a late disqualification

    It's funny 'cos it's true.
  17. Re: We have a late disqualification

    Well said. Can we really afford not to do anything about it.

    Back to the election, its a case of voting for bad or worse. And latham is secretly going to vote for sex party.

  18. Re: We have a late disqualification

    Any chance we can stop these useless posts?
  19. Re: We have a late disqualification

    This is NetRider so I'd say there is less chance of this occurring than there is of a successful, coordinated, worldwide approach to reducing atmospheric carbon :D. Although possibly slightly more than there is of Tony Abbott becoming a successful PM.