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we get ripped off so much

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fubarcbr, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. i just got found all the gear i need for my bike and holly crap we get ripped in aus.

    i am getting an ohlins dampener for nearly half what i can get it hear, and the same with a full yoshi exhaust.

    god i love the internets

  2. Where? what site?
  3. hardracing.com

    full yoshi for like 900 aus
  4. Yep it sure pays to shop around that for sure :wink:
  5. It really seems they didn't adjust the price inline with our strong dollar. I mean its like our dollar is at 55-65 cents. Many the Australian government are charging heaps of import taxes and with GST it all adds up?
  6. Maybe it's because motorcycles in Australia aren't as "big" (popularity) so retail shops charge more per item to get back roughly the same amount of overall profit as other place/countries that sell a lot more items of their product range :grin:
  7. Yep I never get y people pay retail :roll:
  8. Cos they're bored at the time and then they go into the shops and it's there in front of them and they have their credit card and think that what ever it is is affordable and don't think about shopping around and just buy it.
  9. If you're on a say $250,000/yr income. Paying "retail" doesn't really interfere much with the bank balance. And there's lots of people out there with waaaaaay too much money :wink:
  10. please provide maps to ^^^^theese peoples houses and combinations to any security systems. you shouldnt be able to just buy bikes ... should have to earn it.

  11. Like earning money by working hard to purchase the bike?
  12. I think retailers excuses are pretty poor. I work in industry in Australia and net margin at the end of the day is only around %5-6.

    Retailers in Australia, on the other hand, think it's their right to make 200-400%.

    Buy from overseas if you can. One day retailers will wake up to themselves or go broke.
  13. it is a complete scam i tell you.

    i just got braided lines for $12 more than i can buy them here for and that is including shipping from the USA, taxes and exchange rate
  14. Agree with the fact that we pay way too mych for motorbike parts here in Aus. The prices is based on a smaller demand market.

    Your biggest problem with buying from overseas websites is warranty. Most companies like powercommander, pazzo, brembo etc. Will not cover you unless you have bought through a local dealer.

    Yes you get ripped off. But if your braided line shears or fails, you will be paying the whole price again to replace it rather than free.

    However on the scale of things, these costs are pretty low. A fully tricked out top level sports bike with mods can cost you around $25k. Compare that with the cost of a sports BMW or even a HSV commodre etc.
  15. Grow up and move outta home dude. Don't have to earn the right to buy Shiite!

    As for having issues with people earning enough money to spend on toys like bikes, watercraft, cars, holidays etc. keep it real :roll:

    We have studied, worked hard and need to be smart and on the ball to get the incomes we do.

    And if we want to buy a 20k bike on a whim, so be it.

    Gives other a very affordable second hand market once we move onto something new!
  16. And now you probably don't have ADR approved brake lines, potentially landing you in hot water when it comes to registration, insurance claims etc.

    I'm all for buying stuff from overseas, but you run the risk with braided lines (and other ADR-approved items).
  17. Same in the bike service & parts industry, not just accessories.

    I bought some genuine Aprilia parts for my Tuono a couple of months back, and had the choice of getting them locally or overseas.

    US price: $850AU, including all taxes, shipping & credit card fees.
    AUS price: $1600AU.
    US shipping time: 4 days from order to my door.
    Aus shipping time: "At least six weeks, mate."

    fcuk that for a joke. I wouldn't mind pay a little extra, but that's just ludicrous. There's a point where supporting your local shop is a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I'll leave that up to the people who have the money to waste. :p :LOL:
  18. I had the same experience.

    I was looking for a Mivv pipe for the Zed. I did the right thing and tracked down the Aus distributor for them. It took 5 weeks & multiple emails and phone calls to get anything out of him. The final total was >$900 & about 6 weeks.

    As it's an Italian pipe, I looked at a few Italian stores. After exchange rates, shipping etc, total was ~$580 and 2 weeks.

    Finally, I got hold a bloke in the States: AUD$490, and 2 weeks. He orders from Italy, shipped to him, then shipped to me. (And he's chucking in a helmet mohawk too :LOL: )

    I don't mind paying a little more to support locally, but when it's twice the price, and 3 times as long to get it, bugger local distributors. :roll:
  19. You think the bike industry is bad? The general aviation industry is even worse with the comparative prices between Australia and the USA.
  20. Retailers making 200-400% :LOL:

    You have obviously never worked in retail or have never been privvy to what profit margins most retailers actually make, we used to make maybe 30-35% absolute maximum profit if we were lucky...you might maybe make that selling a pie or a coke at the superbikes but there is no way in hell most retailers would.

    News Flash People: Retailers are here to make a profit, staff, utilities, rent, workcover, insurance, trainign etc are not free, a web site on ebay is cheap in comparison

    If ebay floats your boat then buy from there, I agree that sometimes buying parts/accessories in Aus is like pulling teeth but many times it's the importers who are at fault, they are the ones making the most profit, the retailers the least...think of that the next time you bag a shop for being a ripoff