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We Dig The Dirt - truck rage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by leojvs, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. I was on the M4 heading citybound, in flowing traffic. I was in the RH lane, doing about 110 give or take as the traffic dictates.

    I was leaving a good 3 second gap between me and the car in front, and still passing cars on my left.

    Up behind me came this big old truck. Sitting about a meter and a half from my rear tyre. I couldnt do much about it as I was quickly getting boxed in as traffic slowed near Concord Rd. This ass-clown is riding my ass something shocking. I find a break in traffic, change into the middle lane and put some distance between us, then get back in the RH lane. A minute goes by and he is right up my ass again. WTF?? Im doing near 120 now.

    He quickly changes lanes as my lane slows, pulls up beside me and starts yelling and waving his red arm at me. I looked at him, shook my head and carried on. He pulled back in behind me a short time later, riding my ass some more. When we get to Parramatta Rd he is doing all he can to get back up beside me, which he did. He yelled and flapped his arms some more. I flipped him off and bolted through any gap I could find.

    The guy was driving a tipper and trailer with We Dig The Dirt company logo on the side of the truck.
    Keep an eye out for this rager. I did nothing wrong, not impeding the flow of traffic, not tapping my brake lights, not being erratic. He just wanted everyone to move out of his way, as he is in a big, important truck.
  2. Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated incident on the M4 although I've only noticed this behaviour heading west, not east. With Visy's cardboard recycling plant at Smithfield, the road is populated with recycle trucks using the M4 and there's a number of cowboys amongst their number attempting to get there as fast as possible. I don't doubt the 1½m tailgate you mention as I've had the same experience whilst crossing the M4's bridge over Church St at Parramatta and witness the same behaviour on many occasions.

    May not do much but if you can find a number to contact the firm involved, call 'em up and report the driver (assuming this isn't a one-man-company).
  3. I have to manage these type of guys everyday on site, can be a royal pain in the ass.

    Try not to react to their retardish behaviour, keep yourself safe, grab a number to call, and truck ID(all tricky on a bike I know) give the company a buzz, or in addition, the local constabulary. Quite often you'll find there has been complaints previously made about their driving.
  4. He wasn't trying to tell you your tail-light was out, by any chance? Just asking.....
  5. lol. Doubt it some how. If that was his method however, he must have been telling the car next to him their blinkers were out when he changed lanes on them, forcing them to take evasive lane changing actions.