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'We can do it saturday' apparently means the opposite

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by twisties, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. <rant>

    So it's come high time I get the VTR250 serviced... Last time a mate (from here) helped me change the oil and filter myself and all was great. But it's been about 6000k's since then and the little beast is telling me it wants a check up. Not to mention the sprockets are gettin worn and the chain is jerky as a mofo...

    SO, onto the intarwebs to find a place to go. Aha, thank you yellow pages.

    A misread of the map later and I've emailed Freestyle Honda in Seaford (I live on the OTHER side of melbourne <_<). I ask for a quote on a service and new sprockets and O-Ring chain. Next day, I ring em back, get the quote and I'm advised that 'yes we can certainly do it saturdy, I'll book you in for the morning).


    Now, I decide I had better look up google maps to see where I've gotta trek to... OH SHI-! Seems I've gotten a bit confused as this place is near frankston and I'm 40 mins west of melbourne... ah screw it, it'll be a fun ride, I'll go sit on the beach while I wait.


    Get up as early as my night-shift-mode sleeping pattern will allow and head off down the freeway. I get to the joint between 10 and 10:30am.

    Go in, say hi, give my details and my key, these people seem like nice folk.

    'So when would you like to pick it up? Or would you like us to call you when it's ready'

    Now, this seemed like a strange question, with all my cage services it's just been we'll let you know when it's done so I went with that.

    Off to the beach I go, bored of that, maybe I'll go sit around the train station like a bum, that's boring too, oh wait, there's a take away joint near. Ahhh, out of the sun, comfy chair and a bottle of water... Hmm it's around 2 and this is getting tedious so back I walk to the honda place.............


    Door isn't open, can see some guy plodding around inside...

    *dial phone* ... rings and rings, no answer. SHIT

    Guy comes out with all his gear ready to go home. 'ahhhh, can I help you?'

    'Um, yeah, am I to expect my bike back at any time today?'

    This guy was just a sales guy so he didn't imediately know what had happened. After a 5 minute explanation of my predicament and how that bike was my WAY HOME he nicely he went back inside and 15 minutes later rides round with my bike.

    We both have a look and it's clear the chain and sprockets are still the crapped out old units and the oil in the little window looks dirty so we assume nothing's been done (3-3.5 hours later). He tried rining the service peeps but no answer and couldn't get a hold of the big boss man who is apparently away until tuesday.

    He apologises and says he'll get someone to call me on monday but I understand it's not his fault so I thank him for his help and head off rather mad.

    As I ride I notice the bike is running a bit better despite the jerk-jerk-jerk of the tight spot in the chainso I don't know what's been done if anything.

    In conclusion;

    I've wasted my entire saturday
    I've wasted a tank of fuel
    I've wasted $2.60 or something on eastlink to get there as early as possible
    I'm mad as hell
    I don't know what work hs been done on my bike, if any

    What do I do now? Just wait till someone calls me?


  2. go research proper chain/sprocket maintenance so you dont have to book it in for replacements for another 50,000km. :p

    but yeah next time, ask if the bike will be ready to be picked up on the day or something. dont assume anything with mechanics. maybe now you've realised the location, find a more local dealer/mech, and call them on monday :wink:
  3. I feel your pain!!
    Always chat to your mechanic when you drop your vehicle off to make sure you're both clear on what will be done and what time frame :idea:

    Call the mechanic on Monday to find out if anything was done, and if nothing was done which by the sounds of it is the case, have a good chat with them about what was meant to happen and that you wasted your Saturday, a tank of fuel, and are stuck riding around on your bike that should've been serviced and see if you can get a better price for the work to be done? Worth a shot!

    Last month my girlfriend dropped her car off at 8am at our mechanic to have a tow bar and cruise control fitted that we booked a week in advance to have done.

    No call by 4:30pm so she asks her uncle for a lift to go pick the car up... After them having it for almost 9 hours we found her car, minus cruise control & tow bar :?

    Have a chat to the owner and found out that neither had been done as both were being installed by contractors from the companies that the tow bar and cruise control were purchased from. Neither showed up because it was too hot :mad: Thanks for the phone call!! 9 hours wasted sitting around waiting to pick up the car!!
  4. So when they asked what time do you want to pick it up? What was your reply?
  5. Did you ask can you do it on Saturday or can I bring it in on Saturday?

    Few bike shops have mechanics who work on Saturday's but for customer convenience will accept your bike on Saturday for work to be done during the week. Few will ask or care if this is your only means of transport! As will car mechanics. Ever been asked if your car is only form of transport? more likely to be assumed it is!

    I think you're lucky the salesman went out of his way to help you! +1 to him!
  6. +1

    At the workshop I work at, we are only open 4 hours on a Saturday, with one single mechanic on duty, we restrict our bookings to mainly first services, occasionally we will do more major work, but due to time restraints, not often. We get plenty of blow ins, but have to turn them away unless they can leave the bike and pick it up during the week.
    2 first services and a couple of puncture repairs, and your day is over before you know it.

    If you specified that you required the bike back on the same day, you definately have reason to complain, but if you left it open to them to decide, based on their workload, I'm affraid your out of luck.
  7. A good way is to ask for a loan bike or if they don't have one ask to take a newer model for a test ride while the service is being done.
    At least you'll use your time doing things and they are then pretty prompt at getting back to you :)
  8. I asked in my original email to them and on the phone if it could be done saturday and they said that would be fine. Now is it at all fair to assume from then on that it would be done 'on saturday'?

    Given my expectation of it being done the same day the question 'when would you like to pick it up' never registered to me as a 'what day' question :S

    Anyhoo, I'm not travelling that far again just to have uncertainty so if anyone knows a decent mechanic near melton that's open on saturdays (the only time my bike isn't needed to take me to work) that'd be great.

    Thanks for the replies.
  9. Not having a go but i would assume that most places if you ask if they can do it Sat would expect you to drop the bike off when they start at 8/8:30/9am giving them time to do it before they close at say 12, not have it dropped off at 10:30 and expecting them to drop everything. Sounds like they could have given you a few more specifics of what they required and you could have done the same.
  10. The way it reads to me, the shop is at fault.

    He asked if it could be done on a Sat and he booked it in and delivered the bike there on a Sat.

    I would have expected the bike to be serviced as did the OP.

    If they don't offer services on a Saturday then they should have specified that in the original email.
  11. We'll see how it plays out today then aye.
  12. Twisties the best part about doing it yourself is that you get to choose the hours it gets done. Chain and sprockets, oil and filter are an afternoon job if taken at a leisurely pace.
  13. There are a few workshops in Hoppers / Werribee. I do not kwow how good or bad they are though. I think the original person you spoke to did not understand the time involved in doing the job you requested. You would need to get the bike in at opening time usualy 8ish and pick up at closing 12ish. Most bike shops will only have 1 tech working on a saturday and doing this kind of job would take up to much time and not make enough money to justify opening. There was a lack of comunication on the day on both sides of the fence and the time yo got there would not have given them the time to do the job. There are also 2 bike workshops in Melton. Allwest in Holland dve ( the street between Nissan and Holden ) and the other is down the street where Middys is off High street.
  14. So I got a call back this morning from the bird who did the booking and she aggreed it was booked in to be done on saturday and the workshop didn't realise. I must admit, I did get there a bit late and my chosing a place so far away didnt help but anyway, they've offered me a service free of charge and a loaner scooter (never ridden a scooter before :| )

    I'll still have to pay for the chain and sprockets but they that's alot cheaper than the whole lot.

    oh and they hadn't done anything so the bike miraculously running better has got me stumped.
  15. Glad it turned out well. Scooters are a blast :LOL:
  16. Tomorrow morning is gonna be interesting.

    Commuting to work at 7am in peak hour traffic on a machine I am not used to :|

    No crazed filtering for me tomorrow!
  17. A valuable lesson has been learned today....

    the Honda TGB125 will stall upon stopping at an intersection if pegged on 80-90kph for 30 minutes down a freeway.


    Started again though.

    I look forward to getting my bike back tomorrow post service and sporting shiny new chain and sprockets! :D
  18. thats because they used and thrashed your bike to the take-away shop to get themselves lunch :grin:
  19. So, I've made it home finally on my nicely cleaned and serviced bike.

    Despite the mis-hap on saturday the staff at Freestyle have been genuinely pleasant and helpful and they've done a bang up job. :)

    Shiny new sprockets and O-Ring chain. No more jerk-jerk-jerk tight spot.
    Smooooooooth acceleration.
    Actually HAS some torque in 5th on the freeway now (well as much as one can expect from a 250)
    Much sharper and more positive gear shift.

    Overall, very happy with them in the end. :grin:

    Oh btw, someone from here rang them after reading this thread :LOL: lol