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We can crash our bikes again, Sydney dudes

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. I missed my Hilux sooooo much when I sold it that I decided to get another one!

    Picked this baby up on Saturday:



    Big steel tray - plenty of room for firewood, camping gear, and Scramble's bike when he tries to get from one end of Royal National Park to the other.

    It has an LPG 4.2L V8 under the hood, and poor Amanda at NRMA's brain must have nearly exploded when trying to quote me insurance & it didn't appear in her computer :p
  2. V8 LPG should work well, enjoy the new beasty

    So Scrambles scrambled his bike??

    Good luck getting anything you can't pick up onto the back of a flat tray (unless its hydraulic) :wink:
  3. Yah, he got a new one though!

    I know, such a prick 'lifting' a bike into a ute. But it's way cheaper than a tow truck :)
  4. LPG, bah...
    Gas doesn't lube ur engine as well as petrol... u always need to lube everything up... EVERYTHING...
  5. So is the tray set up for cattle dogs OR Ducatis? :wink:

    I hear after a long hard day they both like to ride home in the back :LOL: :LOL:

    And yes I do have the flame suit on. (on second thoughts theres probably not that many Ducati riders here anyway).
  6. CONGRATS Ktulu :p

    The tray has some decent height, so hope you dont do your back in when trying to lift the bikes up :shock:
  7. :LOL:

    This is really more for camping.

    The general idea will be to not crash bikes in the first place ;)
  8. Nice ute.

    Can I suggest you edit the first post and put a carriage return between the two pictures so the page isn't as wide as it is??
  9. pop a length of stainless steel as a ramp in the back for scrambles' (or his new ducati mate's) bike... easy access...
  10. That's what i'm for mate.